2014: A Year in Music According to The Southland Music Line

Article by Johnny Cole A Southern Pilgrimage The Southland Music Line was formed with one prominent goal – To search out the entire “South” for the best music, best musicians and best live music venues. We called our mission “A Southern Pilgrimage in Search of the Best Music”. Over the… Continue Reading

Best of 2014: Top Albums | Top Live Music Experiences | Top Music Venues of the South

The Best of 2014 The Southland Music Line’s 2014: A Year in Music continues with its “Best of” Collection. 1.) Top Ten Albums 2.) Top Live Music Experiences. 3.) Top Venues of The South that had an impact on us in 2014. * We will begin with Stephen, then Robby… Continue Reading

2014: A Year in Music -The Photos of Stephen Anderson

Article by Johnny Cole During the calendar year of 2014, The Southland Music Line’s Stephen “Andy” Anderson had the privilege of taking thousands of photos of musicians at locations throughout The South. Stephen has captured photos at venues from The Gulf Coast, Austin, TX at SXSW to Atlanta, GA and… Continue Reading

2014: A Year in Music -The Music-Inspired Art of Robby Amonett

When attending a music event along the Gulf Coast and surrounding areas, one common sight to see is music-inspired artist Robby Amonett painting the performances of the musicians on stage. It would also be easy to say he is the most photographed artist (and maybe person) along the Gulf Coast.… Continue Reading