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Jimmy Lumpkin’s New Trio, The Nervous Tics, Debut New Album

By Johnny Cole

Photos by Stephen Anderson

Earlier this summer, word began to circulate across the Gulf Coast music scene about an electrifying new trio put together by Jimmy Lumpkin. We at The Southland Music Line were enthusiastic to see Lumpkin’s newly formed trio perform, so we began looking for an opportunity to hear them live. Stephen “Andy” Anderson, photographer for “The Line,” was able to see and photograph the guys in July at The Shed BBQ & Blues Joint in Ocean Springs, Mississippi. Due to being in Europe, I was unable to attend that particular show but eventually did attend a show two months later.

The Nervous Tics are a music trio that consists of Jimmy Lumpkin (lead vocals and guitar), Jimmy Lee Hannaford (backing vocals and bass), and Mike Wilson (drums). The trio are seasoned musicians with years of combined experience. Several unique things about The Nervous Tics make them stand out. During a recent show, Anderson and I both noticed how easy it was for us to sit back and enjoy the presentation of the songs written and composed by Lumpkin. Plus, the ensemble of Lumpkin, Hannaford, and Wilson have incredible chemistry, as if they have been regularly performing together for years. This nonstop show flowed seamlessly, and never lost that rock and roll edge. When a band is having fun on stage, it easily resonates with its audience. In the case of The Nervous Tics, this rings true in every sense of the word, proving to everyone that the band isn’t simply going through the motions nor is each show just another gig. These guys are there to play and definitely succeed in that mission!

Top photo: The Nervous Tics; above photo: Jimmy Lumpkin, Mike Wilson, and Jimmy Lee Hannaford

Jimmy Lumpkin has made quite a name for himself for a number of years both as a solo artist and for his work on a variety of projects with other musicians, including the much-loved Gypsy Spark. Along with being an exceptional musician and songwriter with an amazing voice, he is also a highly skilled engineer and producer.

Lumpkin, who describes himself as a serious-minded fellow, is noticeably having lots of fun with this new trio, which is providing him with an opportunity to showcase his energetic side. It also provides him with a chance to perform his songs in a way that is new to many of his fans. To get the sound he wanted, meant finding two other muscians who could round out the trio and provide the right ingredients to what Lumpkin wanted to deliver.

“I’ve wanted to play my songs in a trio with bass and drums for a long time, so now that I’m doing it, it’s very satisfying,” says Lumpkin. He further adds, “I love the simplicity of a tight rhythm section with guitar riffs played over it.”

The Nervous Tics at The Shed BBQ & Blues Joint in Ocean Springs, MS (Sat. Sept. 9, 2023)

Lumpkin didn’t have to look far to find the right musicians. He has known Jimmy Lee Hannaford for years, and he struck up a friendship with Mike Wilson more recently. Earlier this year, the three of them got together at Lumpkin’s home studio to work up some fresh arrangements on many of Lumpkin’s existing songs, while also crafting new original songs. When discussing this experience, Hannaford said, “It has been an absolute joy working with Lumpkin in his home studio.”  He also said this about his friendship with Lumpkin, “I’d say we have a healthy mutual respect for one another as musicians and as people.”

Jimmy Lee Hannaford has been a presence in both the Austin, Texas, and Gulf Coast music scenes for many years. Hannaford, a longtime friend to photographer Stephen Anderson, is not only a talented musician and songwriter but is also a very talented journalist. The two have collaborated on several articles, including a recent one about the Red Clay Strays and a memorable 1990s interview with Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash. Hannaford, who still performs as a solo artist across the Gulf Coast, is enjoying this latest addition to his life. As someone who has also known him for a long time, I am happy to see his joy for performing continue.

The Nervous Tics from this summer at The Shed BBQ & Blues Joint in Ocean Springs, MS.

Rounding out the trio is Mike Wilson, who brings that third part or ingredient to The Nervous Tics. Wilson, who played in rock and punk bands in Colorado before moving to the Gulf Coast, went to see Lumpkin perform and introduced himself during a break. Their shared interest in music allowed them to bond immediately.

“We started talking about how much we both loved Led Zeppelin and decided to get together and play. He said he wanted to do something different,” says Wilson.

As a drummer, Wilson loves finding his own inventive patterns to enhance Lumpkin’s musical visions. “They’re such great songs, and they’re already so strong rhythmically,”  he says. “Our music has high energy, and it’s challenging. From a musician’s standpoint, you have to be on your game.”

Since forming, The Nervous Tics have been performing at several of The Gulf Coast’s most popular venues, including the Cellar at Page & Palette, District Hall, Fairhope Brewing Company, and The Shed BBQ & Blues Joint. Their recent performance at Jim Pennington’s Peoples Room of Mobile received excellent reviews.

Shake It, the debut album from The Nervous Tics (for more information and release date – visit link provided below)

The Nervous Tics debut album, Shake It, features 12 original songs that were recorded at Lumpkin’s studio and is scheduled for an October 2023 release. It will initially be released digitally on Spotify (and probably other platforms) and we have been told that they hope to press a vinyl version in the future. We have also learned they are already planning to record more new music soon.

One of the best things about following music, as we have been fortunate to do for so long, is being able to see musicians embrace what they are doing and seeing how they enjoy it. Jimmy Lumpkin, Jimmy Lee Hannaford, and Mike Wilson, aka The Nervous Tics are definite proof of how a band can be formed with an appreciation for the more meaningful things associated with music and life. We are excited about their new album and look forward to seeing them again soon.

Jimmy Lumpkin
Jimmy Lee Hannaford
Mike Wilson
The Nervous Tics

Click Here to learn more about the new album and future concert dates. We will be adding more information soon!

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