Willie Sugarcapps Returns with “Paradise Right Here”

The much anticipated album “Paradise Right Here” by Willie Sugarcapps had its official release in April of this year. The follow-up to the successful self-titled 2013 debut album lives up to everything fans of Willie Sugarcapps have grown to expect. “Paradise Right Here” by Willie Sugarcapps (released April 2016; Baldwin County Public Records);… Continue Reading

Wille Sugarcapps: 2014’s Artist of the Year

When choosing 2014’s Artist of the Year, several things were considered by those contributing to “The Line”. Since we see and hear a staggering number of bands/musicians, quite literally hundreds of shows, travel thousands of miles to see their performances various bands/musicians were considered and eventually narrowed down to a… Continue Reading

Two Nights of Southern Rock Greatness: Cowboy’s Scott Boyer and Tommy Talton with Muscle Shoals’ N.C. Thurman

 “Future can not be fully met until you learn from the past”. True musicians and music fans alike understand this and no better example of the statement was recently at two incredible and meaningful nights of music. The first of the two nights was at 709 Krebs Ave. in Pascagoula,… Continue Reading