Keeping Up With The Line (May-Aug. 2015)

The Southland Music Line is on a pilgrimage in search of the best music, musicians and venues across The South.  The following provides a way to follow us as we make our way around – We invite you to climb aboard “The Southland Music Line” and travel with us. The informal review (below and previous pages) are often edited, updated or modified. To read our featured articles: Click Here.


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August 2015

Sun. Aug. 30, 2015
Della Memoria (including original members: Emily Sholes, Josh Smith and the return of Patrick Mcginley) were back at Callaghan’s in Mobile, AL for their second appearance. The Line’s contributor Brice Creel and artist Robby Amonett were in attendance. All reports point to a spectacular show.

Sat. Aug. 29, 2015
Celebrating ten years of Recovery from Hurricane Katrina, “Concert for the Coast” was held the new MGM Park in Biloxi, MS (home of the Biloxi Shuckers baseball team) Dr. John, Trombone Shorty and Rosco Bandana were on the bill to perform.

Click Here for the complete article and photo collections.

Fri. Aug. 28, 2015
Sugarcane Jane was back in town doing another remarkable and most enjoyable show at The Shed in Ocean Springs, MS aka Hwy 57-I-10 Crossroads. Several good friends were in attendance.

Sat. Aug. 22, 2015
Part One:
Lindy Sholes with Doug Sholes on piano at Seagrapes in Gulfport, MS. A delightful and entertaining evening of music.

Part Two:

The Austin, TX based Irish Punk band “Black Irish Texas” performed a high energy “in-your-face” show at Ben Kaufman’s Irish Coast Pub in Gulfport, MS. It was exactly what you would expect from a band who is use to doing what they do so well.

Sat. Aug. 15, 2015
Robby was back at Callaghan’s painting the performance of Willie and the Giant (once again, another incredible night of live music at Callaghan’s); while Johnny and Stephen traveled to Natchez, MS to see Grayson Capps and Corky Hughes perform at the Rolling River Bistro’s 408 Listening Room. We have been trying to make a trip to this particular venue for some time. It was a nice evening of music and we highly recommend taking the trip to Natchez to attend a show. Plus, the food at Rolling River Bistro is out of this world. Try the award winning house made Seafood Lasagna (Shrimp, Crawfish & Crabmeat smothered in a Béchamel Sauce, layered in between sheets of pasta & topped with Parmesan Cheese.)

Click Here for article and photos.

Friday. Aug. 14, 2015
Friday night along the Gulf Coast had no shortage of live music.  Lisa Mills was performing at an outdoor event in Pascagoula, MS; The Shed in Ocean Springs had Stolen Faces returning to do a show; The Pollies were at Callaghan’s in Mobile, AL; Della Memoria was at Jack’s by the Tracks; Oh Jeremiah was doing a late show at Government Street Grocery Artist and we could go on about even more shows.

Artist Robby Amonett and Photographer Stephen Anderson attended The Pollies show at Callaghan’s with nothing but great things to say about The Pollies and their Mobile, AL show.
The Line’s Johnny Cole was at Jack’s by the Tracks in Pascagoula, MS seeing Della Memoria (who would perform with Oh Jeremiah at The Thirsty Hippo in Hattiesburg, MS on Saturday night).
Later that night, Johnny and Stephen met at Government Street Grocery to see Oh Jeremiah who are always in top form and on this night the 4-piece band was performing. As good as the show was, the attendance that night was off at The Grocery. Still, Jeremiah, Erin and the band finished the show out the only way they know how…..excellent and as true professionals.

Tues. Aug. 11, 2015
Artist Robby Amonett and Photographer Stephen Anderson attended the 92 ZEW 2nd 2sday of the Month Radio Concert Series at Azalea Manor in Mobile, AL. This month’s featured our friends Rosco Bandana.

Mon. Aug. 3, 2015
The Line’s Johnny Cole and friend Harry Stewart enjoyed a great night of music at Ben Kaufman’s Irish Coast Pub in Gulfport, MS. It was another exciting Monday Night Jam (Open Mic) event. Several local musicians put their skills and talents together delivering a winning night of spectacular tunes.

Sun. Aug. 2, 2015
Once again, we attended the annual charity event at Government Street Grocery in Ocean Springs, MS to raise money for the local soup kitchen. Those performing were Paul Kirkland, Black Water Brass, Jason Sanford, Jackson Weldon & Zach Fellman of Rosco Bandana, Cary Hudson and finally Grayson Capps & Corky Hughes. There was no shortage of good music on this glorious Sunday afternoon.

Sat. Aug. 1, 2015
After a busy July with thousands of miles traveled, it was only fitting to start August off with a road trip. Nearly a year ago, The Southland Music Line traveled to Birdie’s Roadhouse (north of Bogalusa, LA) to see Libby Rae Watson, Wes Lee, Rambling Steve Gardner and Bill Steber perform as the House Party & Traveling Road Show. It was one of 2015’s most enjoyable trips and shows. One year later, we returned to (the newly reopened) Birdie’s Roadhouse to see them (The Jericho Road Show) again. The Line’s Johnny Cole, photographer Stephen Anderson and Coastal Noise’s Stefan Lawson made the journey to Birdie’s for another memorable evening of music and a good time at Birdie’s. Libby, Wes and Steve (Bill Steber was unable to make this first show of the tour) put on a show that wet our appetite for the upcoming show at The Mary C. in Ocean Springs, MS on August 21.

Following two sets of music, we returned to Mississippi to attend Rosco Bandana‘s show at Irish Coast Pub in Gulfport. We were able to catch the end of their show before calling it a night.

* Not so fast…. Around 1 a.m. – The Line’s Johnny Cole stopped by The Juke Joint (formerly Mezo’s) in Ocean Springs to say hello to Josh Smith, Emily Sholes and Wayne Mott of Della Memoria.


July 2015

Fri. July 31, 2015
The Line was all over the Gulf Coast tonight from Mobile, AL (Robby Amonett at The Rivivalists concert) TO Ocean Springs, MS (Stephen Anderson seeing Big Al & The Heavyweights at Murky Waters AND Delta Reign at Government Street Grocery) TO Gulfport, MS (Johnny Cole at Irish Coast Pub seeing the second set of Wes Lee‘s show). *Check out our Wes Lee article from earlier this summer. It was one heck of a July! 

Thurs. July 30, 2015
The busy month of July continued with one more performance by Sugarcane Jane at Jack’s by the Tracks in Pascagoula, MS. Anthony and Savana Crawford delivered another spectacular show! The Line’s Johnny Cole saw them in Serenbe, GA (near Atlanta) the previous Saturday – a perfect ending to The Line’s nearly three week long 2015 Midsummer Tour up the East Coast and back…. With still one more night of the month in play, we saw a memorable month winding down. A month of music that started off with The Rolling Stones (again) in Raleigh, NC; then Willie Nelson’s 4th of July Picnic in Austin, TX (with Bobby Rayborn); and followed by two Gulf Coast shows by Rosco Bandana before heading up the East Coast for multiple shows which we labeled our “Midsummer Tour”.

*The end of July show at Jack’s by the Tracks was memorable too, because legendary singer/songwriter/producer/author “Buzz Cason” (producer of Sugarcane Jane’s latest album “Dirt Road’s End”) was in the audience. It was real honor to visit with him during and directly thereafter the show.

While some of The Line were on the road, Stephen Anderson and Robby Amonett were on the Gulf Coast attending several good shows. (More on The Line’s July 12-26, 2015 Midsummer Tour and details on article read further down).

Fri. July 24, 2015
Photographer Stephen Anderson attended two shows on the 24th: LC Ulmer with Andrew Halsell at The Shed in Ocean Springs and Edward David Anderson at Jack’s by the Tracks in Pascagoula, MS.  Stephen has had the privilege of photographing these musicians before and was glad to be able to do so again.

Sun. July 19, 2015
Another incredible night of music at Callaghan’s in Mobile, AL featuring the music of Kristin Diable. The Line’s Stephen Anderson and artist Robby Amonett attended the show and both gave it high praise. We have seen Kristin Diable a number of times (SXSW in Austin, TX;  on tour with The Lone Bellow in Hattiesburg, MS) and she never disappoints.

Thur. July 16, 2015
Photographer Stephen Anderson and artist Robby Amonett attended The Mississippi Songwriters Alliance Songs and Stories Radio Show at The Mary C. in Ocean Springs, MS featuring the music of Gram Rea & Ross Newell of The Mulligan Brothers AND Mudfoot Mary and the Sidewinders.

Tues. July 14, 2015
The Line’s photographer Stephen Anderson and artist Robby Amonett attended the Ocean Springs “Keys to the City” ceremony at The Shed which featured the music of our good Jimmy Lee Hannaford with Mark Bintliff.

*Sun. July 12 –  Sun. July 26, 2015
This week kicked off The Southland Music Line’s 2015 Midsummer Tour (a yearly scheduled road trip consisting of a series of concerts attended by the Line). The Southland Music Line has written an article highlighting the events of the road trip. Click Here for article.
This summer we traveled up the East Coast and were able to attend some incredible shows. The first show was The Hello Strangers on Tues. July 14 in Frederick, MD. The final show was in Serenbe, GA (west of Atlanta) where we had the privilege of seeing our good friends Sugarcane Jane perform at one of their favorite venues.

Click Here for article.

2015 tour


Fri. July 10, 2015
Tonight, The Line was at Jack’s by the Tracks to see good friends Rosco Bandana. It’s their first time to perform at the famous Jack’s – a special evening of music. Zach, Pat & Sean were not able to perform with the band, but Jason, Jenny & Jackson performed a killer somewhat acoustic show! The crowd at Jack’s loved it.

Following the Rosco Bandana show, some from The Line headed over to Ocean Springs, MS to see Moonhawk perform at The Government Street Grocery and later, Rochambeau at The Juke Joint (formerly Mezo’s).

Wed. July 8, 2015
The goal for this week was rest…..well, thank goodness that was avoided tonight, because what a great show at Callaghan’s! The American Songwriter magazine c0-sponsored night of music with The Secret Sisters was one you wouldn’t want to miss. Opening the show was one of our favorites from the Gulf Coast region – The Deluxe Trio.  We will most certainly be writing more about The Secret Sisters shortly. Also, we need to mention The Deluxe Trio more often – we all enjoy them greatly!

Sun. July 5, 2015
Following a long drive through stormy weather from Austin, the next stop was Callaghan’s in Mobile, AL to see friends Rosco Bandana. Their performance was one of their most recent best. We invite you all to check out the latest article on Rosco Bandana. It details much of their history and the direction they are presently taking.

Click Here to read article.

Sat. July 4, 2015
The Willie Nelson 4th of July All-star picnic in Austin, TX. *We will be doing an article on our Austin trip shortly.

Fri. July 3, 2015
Bobby Rayborn and The Line’s Johnny Cole traveled to Austin to attend the Willie Nelson 4th of July Picnic, but the night before – it was a favorite of many, Bob Schneider, at a venue north of Austin.

Wed. July 1, 2015
The Rolling Stones & Avett Brothers in Raleigh, NC. The Line was able to attend another Stones’ show in under a month. We flew out of Mobile to Raleigh and returned following show.

Click Here to read the article: It’s Only Rock ‘n Roll (But We Still Like It) The Rolling Stones Bring Their 2015 Tour To The South“.


June 2015

Sun. June 28, 2015
The Line was in New Orleans at The House of Blues to see World Party. It had been a number of years since seeing them, so it was a nice treat to have another chance. More of it later.

Sat. June 27, 2015
The Line returned to Jack’s by the Tracks to see a second straight night of Wes Lee; followed by  a trip to Ocean Springs to see some music from Joe Hell (from Austin, TX) at Murky Waters; and Idlewild String Confederacy at the Gov’t Street Grocery. (Robby was there painting the show at Gov’t Street Grocery).

Fri. June 26, 2015
Part 1:
The Line’s Johnny Cole and Stephen Anderson attended a downtown Mobile, AL performance by the always entertaining Wes Lee at “The Listening Room”.

Click Here for the article: Wes Lee:  A True Disciple of the Blues – A Homecoming to a Listening Audience”

Part 2:
Artist (and contributor to The Line) Robby Amonett was a Callaghan’s in Mobile, AL painting a performance by the crowd pleasing John & Jacob.

Part 3:
The Line’s Johnny Cole’s left Mobile for Gulfport, MS to see Della Memoria, but failed to make it there in time.  Thankfully, did get to visit band and several who were at Ben’s.

Thur. June 25, 2015
The Line returned to Georgia for the Flagpole/ Athens Music Awards 2015 at Morton Theatre in Athens, GA.

Wed. June 24, 2015
A special evening of music at Ben Kaufman’s Irish Coast Pub when Diggs Darcey & The Monday Night Band added a second a Wednesday night show to this week’s schedule.

Tues. June 23, 2015
Artist (and contributor to The Line) as at Callaghan’s in Mobile, AL to see Cory Branon‘s much anticipated show. Robby has the honor of painting the performance too.

Mon. June 22, 2015
The Line was at “Eddie’s Attic” in Decatur, GA for a second straight night of Joan Osborne music – two sold out shows in row with special guest Victoria Canal.

Sun. June 21, 2015
The Line was at one of its favorite venues “Eddie’s Attic” in Decatur, GA (near Atlanta) to see the first of two sold out Joan Osborne shows. Eddie’s Attic is one of the best in the Southeast for getting such a wide variety of first rate musicians. Also performing: Victoria Canal.

Sat. June 20, 2015
The Line’s Stephen Anderson and Johnny Cole attended the much anticipated Sugarcane Jane & Lauren Murphy house concert at the home of friend Leslie in “Lower Alabama” A beautiful evening with friends and great music!

Fri. June 19, 2015
The Line went to THE IP Casino in Biloxi, MS to see newly inducted Rock & Roll Hall of Fame rocker Joan Jett & The Blackhearts. Joan Jett is one of those musicians who live and breathe Rock ‘n Roll as if no tomorrow. In a world dominated by male guitarists, she has managed to rock with the best of them since her days with The Runaways. The month of June continues to be a great one!

Additional Comment:
The Line has seen its share of Rock & Roll inducted members in 2015: Leon Russell, Steve Winwood (Traffic), Elvis Costello, John Mellencamp, The Rolling Stones and Joan Jett & The Blackhearts.

Thur. June 18, 2015
Following the trip to Nashville to see The Rolling Stones, a good day of rest was needed. After some rest, The Line’s Johnny Cole did see Truitt Williams perform at Jack’s by the Tracks  on Thursday night- always a joy seeing one of Truitt’s shows.

Wed. June 17, 2015
The Rolling Stones once again ruled supreme at another stop on their 2015 Zip Code Tour of the U.S. The Nashville show was equally impressive as the Atlanta show attended we attended only 8 days earlier. Nashville at night and the city’s beautiful skyline as seen from LP Stadium was the perfect setting for a night of music.


A few highlights from the Nashville show:

– Throughout the show the three huge concert screens provided spectacular background visuals. One of the best examples was during the performance of “Sympathy for The Devil”. The screens display of a blazing inferno made the stage seem to be on fire. The full effect was showcased as Jagger sang:

“Please allow me to introduce myself
I’m a man of wealth and taste
I’ve been around for a long, long year
Stole many a man’s soul and faith

It was Rock & Roll at its theatrical finest.


– Another memorable highlight from the Nashville show was Mick’s humorous intro and performance of “Far Away Eyes”:

“We’re not just going to play to the gallery, just because we’re in the home of country music, you know?” he explained. “We’re not going to play it up or anything, with big hats or pedal steel guitars…we’re just going to do our normal show.”

*Then Mick took a few steps back, out of the spotlight. Once he reappeared, he was wearing pretty big hat & to his side, Ronnie Wood was seated at a pedal steel guitar.

“It’s ironic, see?” Jagger said as he broke into 1978’s “Far Away Eyes” – one of their most twangiest of songs ever.



– Every song had something special and memorable. “Midnight Rambler” at its bluesiest best; Then of course, “Gimme Shelter”; the encore (with Belmont Univ. Chorale) of “Can’t Always Get What You Want”; “Start Me Up” with fireworks following “Miss You” (they started Atlanta show with “Start Me Up”. I liked it better the Nashville way); “Wild Horses” (great as usual).

– Mick’s pronunciation of some Tennessee cities (example: “Chadda newguh” in the coolest English accent was one of the funniest parts (and one of many) of the show.

PLUS: Brad Paisley‘s opening when joined first by Carrie Underwood and then later, by all means, Joe Walsh for “Life’s Been Good”.


We’ve seen them before, but the Nashville show in 2015 will long be remembered as one the best live experiences with The Stones.

….and the next person who degrades age and ones ability to Rock, just needs to shut up. Rock & Roll doesn’t end at 38. The Line’s Johnny Cole has seen more shows than 99% of people (not bragging – just the reality of his O C.D.) and few young musicians could even approach what these guys can do…..The Stones proved age has no stopping. It’s Only Rock n Roll, but WE Like It.

FOLLOWING The final encore, “Satisfaction”, the huge fireworks display was a way to end of what might be the greatest show to ever appear at the incredible LP Field. One of the best stadium shows The Line has ever attended!

The Nashville Set List:
Jumpin’ Jack Flash
It’s Only Rock ‘n’ Roll (But I Like It)
You Got Me Rocking
Tumbling Dice
Doom and Gloom
Far Away Eyes
Wild Horses
Dead Flowers (with Brad Paisley)
Honky Tonk Women
Before They Make Me Run
Midnight Rambler
Miss You
Gimme Shelter
Start Me Up
Sympathy for the Devil
Brown Sugar
You Can’t Always Get What You Want
(with the Belmont University Chorale)
(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction


Sat. June 13, 2015
The Line spent its Saturday night seeing a few shows across the Mississippi Gulf Coast. For starters, we saw true Southern Rocker “Albert Simpson” at Jack’s by the Tracks (Pascagoula, MS). The Jack’s crowd loved it – The two are tailor made for each other. We look forward to seeing him again. Following the show at Jack’s, it was Johnny Sansone and John Fohl at Murky Waters in Ocean Springs, MS. We’ve seen Johnny Sansone a number of times, but the late night set at Murky Waters was a ‘killer one’. When it comes to great music, both he and the incredible guitarist John Fohl are two of the best! Finally, we ended the night at Leo’s (down the street from Murky Waters) seeing Patrick McGinley, Brennan Roybal, Johnny Hozey and Charles Flowers (All incredible musicians). They ended their show with an energetic cover of the Rod Stewart/Ronnie Wood penned “Stay With Me”.  After leaving Leo’s and hearing that song, it sure puts you in the mood to hear some tunes by The Faces.

Fri. June 12, 2015
After several busy days of seeing shows on the road (Rolling Stones; St. Paul & The Broken Bones; Morrissey), it was nice to come home to Jack’s by the Tracks to have some awesome food, fun with friends AND enjoy some entertaining great music by Fat Man Squeeze. Going to Jack’s in Pascagoula, MS is really like coming home. NEXT WEEK: The Line’s 2nd Rolling Stones show in a week. This time in Nashville.

Thurs. June 11, 2015
Morrissey at The Saenger Theatre in New Orleans (a brief summary):
The Rolling Stones and Morrissey in the same week! After the Tuesday night Rolling Stones show in Atlanta, The Line traveled to New Orleans for Morrissey’s 20 city U.S. tour opener at the Saenger Theatre. The Thursday night (June 11) show was everything his loyal fans have come to love and expect. The former frontman to The Smiths was at his best from the show opener, “Suedehead” to the encore of “The Queen Is Dead”, but this was far from a “greatest hits” show.

Morrissey (aka “Moz”) is certainly not just an aging rock star going on some ‘remember me’ tour of the states, but remains the guy who has no problem taking a stance against the opinions of most and an advocate to what he believes – he’s proving that again on this most recent tour.

A Morrissey show isn’t for everyone, but his true fans know what to expect. The part of the show that has everyone talking is the background video to “Meat is Murder”. There was a total discomfort in the room due to the disturbing animal slaughterhouse visuals – time to become a vegetarian! (Morrissey made his point.) An array of background visuals were used throughout the show.

The show ended with “The Queen Is Dead”, a ripped shirt and overturned drums. Now that was pretty cool!

*Morrissey has topped so many polls throughout the years (particularly in the U.K.) BBC has referred to him as “one of the most influential figures in the history of British pop” and (in a poll) ‘the second greatest living British icon’; the UK magazine NME named The Smiths “the most influential artist ever” in a 2002 poll; Rolling Stone magazine stated: Morrissey redefined the sound of British rock for the past quarter-century”.

The New Orleans, June 11th Setlist:
“Staircase at the University
“World Peace Is None of Your Business”
“Kiss Me A Lot”
“I’m Throwing My Arms Around Paris”
“One of Our Own”
“Will Never Marry”
“The Bullfighter Dies”
“I’m Not a Man”
“My Dearest Love”
“Kick the Bride Down the Aisle”
“The World Is Full of Crashing Bores”
“Stop Me If You Think You’ve Heard This One Before” (The Smiths)
“Everyday Is Like Sunday”
“Meat Is Murder” (The Smiths)
“Now My Heart Is Full”
“The Queen Is Dead” (The Smiths)

Tues. June 9, 2015
Atlanta Bound to see Rolling Stones (opening for them: St. Paul & The Broken Bones). The first of two Rolling Stones shows The Line has scheduled.

Here is an informal unedited review of the Tuesday’s Atlanta show:

For now: Witnessing these guys is witnessing Rock & Roll as it is meant to be – All seems far less in comparison. It’s why some of us have been doing this for years (and heck, why we even started in the first place). Yes,  following music that actually matters and has some defining quality to what greatness is all about.

Years ago, The Line’s Johnny Cole remembered thinking “Wow, these guys are like pushing 40, we better see them why we can.”

Forward 30 years and here we are – still going to see arguably the greatest Rock & Roll band in the history of time. Thirty years ago, the length of aging rock stars’ ability to perform and ‘still be cool’ was uncharted territory. Today, Rock icons like The Rolling Stones, The Who, Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen and others keep packing stadiums with fans from all ages still excited about seeing them. The great thing about it, these guys still seem significant. This past year, Johnny saw Paul McCartney in New Orleans and he had the same feeling as he does now about The Stones – We are all here to witness Rock & Roll Greatness! It ‘s only Rock & Roll, but yes, yes WE do like it.

Our favorite line from the show in Atlanta came from Keith Richards (center stage before breaking into song) when he said “It’s good to see you guys!” Then after a few chuckles he said only as Keith Richards could say, “It’s good to see anybody!”


Atlanta, GA’s Set List:
Start Me Up
It’s Only Rock ‘n’ Roll (But I Like It)
All Down the Line
Tumbling Dice
Doom and Gloom
Can’t You Hear Me Knocking
You Gotta Move
Some Girls
Honky Tonk Women
Before They Make Me Run
Midnight Rambler
Miss You
Gimme Shelter
Jumpin’ Jack Flash
Sympathy for the Devil
Brown Sugar
You Can’t Always Get What You Want
(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction

ALSO: We must mention St. Paul & The Broken Bones. They provided good reason why they not only opened the Atlanta show, but will do it again in Buffalo, NY. From Callaghan’s to The Basement to SXSW to opening two shows for the Rolling Stones – Not too shabby!

More coming soon! NEXT WED: The Rolling Stones’ Nashville show. The Line plans to be there!

Mon. June 8, 2015
The Line’s Johnny Cole finally made it back over to Ben Kaufman’s Irish Coast Pub in Gulfport, MS for another Monday Night Jam Session featuring Diggs Darcey & The Monday Night Band – sounded great!

Sun. June 7, 2015
On Dec. 28, 2013, it had been posted on social media that Cardinal Sons was scheduled to perform alongside Rosco Bandana at the House of Blues (main room)….. well, as it turned out, House of Blues never informed band (or as they say, ‘it was a complete mess up’ or an error on part of venue.). The show went on as scheduled, but without Cardinal Sons.  Forward a few months, The Line’s Johnny Cole began hearing extremely positive things about Cardinal Sons from various sources, but still was unable to ‘schedule in’ one of their shows. Robby Amonett, whom had seen them, had nothing but praise for Cardinal Sons too. Thankfully, the opportunity arrived on June 7 at Callaghan’s. After several busy nights of seeing the finest in music, Johnny found his way to Mobile, AL, and might add, very early to Callaghan’s (we are talking EARLY). Like so often, he spends his time going through notes, scrolling social media posts, and writing whatever comes to mind as he awaits another show. Of course, the food at Callaghan’s helps – The food is always good!
Eventually, Robby showed up to set up for painting the show, which provided us time to talk more about the music we’ve seen over the last few days and what was coming up.

Cardinal Sons performed two 45 sets of the very good live music that Johnny had waited to see for more than a year. To the many obvious fans at Callaghan’s, familiar to their music, they knew exactly what this band was capable of doing. After two killer sets, Johnny was able to learn of what happened at the December 2013 House of Blues show; also learn he and Cardinal Sons shared some friends in New Orleans like bands The Wooden Wings, Bantam Foxes and others. The Mississippi-born brothers (now living in New Orleans) are someone The Line will definitely be following more intently and recommending to as many sources possible – actually already have.

More on Cardinal Sons coming soon!

Sat. June 6, 2015
Decisions, decisions…..Saturday the 6th of June provided several shows to choose from within reach (Della Memoria at The Juke Joint in Ocean Springs; Great Peacock at Manci’s in Daphne, AL; and others) The Line’s Johnny Cole and Robby Amonett (artist & contributor to The Line) decided on seeing Lilly Hiatt at Thirsty Hippo in Hattiesburg, MS. Robby had contacted her prior to the show about painting her performance again (the previous time was at Callaghan’s). We had also saw Lilly in March at SXSW (Austin, TX) and definitely wanted to again. Her latest album “Royal Blue” (Normaltown Records | New West) is one we recommend AND John Moreland does too. Following John Moreland’s show at Callaghan’s (Mobile, AL) on June 3, we overheard someone ask him if he could recommend some good music…..his first response “have you heard Lilly Hiatt’s latest album?” (definitely good answer!).

Also performing at Thirsty Hippo was Kent Goolsby with Spencer Duncan on bass. We enjoyed visiting with these talented musicians from Nashville. Spencer will soon be going on tour with The Pollys (a band Robby once painted at Government Street Grocery). Our visit with Lilly and guitarist Reed McMillan was also really nice and a pleasure. The Line might be able to schedule in another Hiatt show in July. She will be touring up the East Coast.

A night of great music! (A part of Festival South in Hattiesburg, MS. June 6-20, 2015. Over 90 Events in Two Weeks). Always a big thank you to Brad and everyone at Thirsty Hippo.

Fri. June 5, 2015
The Line was everywhere on Friday night (June 5th):

* Johnny Cole was at Callaghan’s in Mobile, AL to see GREAT PEACOCK. Their new album is out and getting well deserved positive reviews. The Line saw them just before this year’s South By Southwest in Austin, TX. Seeing them again confirms what was originally thought – they are one of those bands we should be hearing about a lot in coming months (especially now that the new album is out). Man, these guys got it right. “kind of a hard-edged rockin’ version of The Mavericks” and more. Their new album “Making Ghosts” is our Spotlight Music of the Month (along with new one by The Deslondes).

* Robby Amonett painted at a private show on the Mississippi Gulf Coast . It would be his third time to paint a Keith Sykes live performance. One of the last times we saw Sykes was at the Mississippi Songwriters Festival in Ocean Springs, MS. He has such an amazing history as a songwriter, including some songs famously recorded by Jimmy Buffett “The Coast of Marseilles”, “The Last Line”and “Volcano”). Robby truly considered it an honor to paint another Keith Sykes performance.

Stephen “Andy” Anderson was in Pass Christian, MS to see one of our favorites (and the musician on June’s homepage cover) “Grayson Capps“. He and Corky Hughes put on one of their always top-notch rockin’ good shows.

….. and finally, Johnny met up with Stephen at Murky Waters in Ocean Springs, MS to see Sugarcane Jane around 11 pm (A show already in progress). They performed until midnight. Anthony Crawford was in a real zone – proving why he’s one of the best. It totally makes sense why he has performed with so many giant names in the business!

Thurs. June 4, 2015
Oh Jeremiah returned to “Jack’s by the Tracks” on June 4.  Following the recording of their first full-length album in Maine, Oh Jeremiah has continued their winning pace of performances. The few days leading up to Jack’s saw them do festival shows at The Brickyard (Sat. May 30) and Legacy (May 31) *both in Mobile, AL.
Robby Amonett (artist and contributor to The Line) painted the night’s performance at Jack’s.


It’s been a long time since the night of Oh Jeremiah’s “2nd Show Ever’  at Irish Coast Pub when they opened the show for Innocent Bones. Johnny, Stephen and Robby were there for that one. We anxiously await to see what happens next for Oh Jeremiah.

Wed. June 3, 2015
John Moreland performed at Callaghan’s for his third time on June 3.
The Line’s Johnny Cole & Robby Amonett (artist and Line contributor) were there to enjoy another great show.


Click Here for article.


May 2015

Sun. May 31, 2015
Willie Sugarcapps | Lisa Mills w/ Chris Spies | Oh Jeremiah | Melissa Joiner – all appeared at The Legacy Summer Music Festival in Mobile, AL.

Due to rain, music was exclusively moved indoors. Willie Sugarcapps finished the evening’s live music with an exciting show in Legacy’s main room.

Sat. May 30, 2015
Local and regional favorite “El Cantador” reunited for two final shows. The first was Friday night at The Government Street Grocery in Ocean Springs; the second night was at Callaghan’s in Mobile, AL. It marked an “end of an era” for one of the area’s most popular bands. The show at  Callaghan’s, where it officially ended, the band gave their fans an exciting end to a musical journey.

Fri. May 29, 2015
El Cantador performed their 2nd to last show. The Government Street Grocery in Ocean Springs was chosen as the venue to hold the first of the two nights. The following night El Cantador would perform (an hour to the east) at Callaghan’s in Mobile, AL. The Friday night show in Ocean Springs also featured the band – This Frontier Needs Heroes (who latest album is well worth the listen and has received an array of nice reviews.)

Thurs. May 28, 2015
ROSCO BANDANA returned to The Government Street Grocery in Ocean Springs, MS – the first time they have played The Grocery in a few years. The Grocery was actually the first place Rosco Bandana performed “back in the day.”

 A few observations and thoughts about the night:
*There was a huge crowd for a week night; therefore, the enthusiasm about Rosco Bandana remains high.
*Also, how many times have we seen Rosco Bandana down through the years? Robby quite possibly has painted more Rosco Bandana performances than he has anyone else (they along with The Mulligan Brothers, Sugarcane Jane) ….Stephen has photographed them since their beginning; Johnny has traveled the most miles to have seen them….plus has probably seen them more than anyone else. They are not just a band – they’re friends.
*This night’s show continued their more Rock approach to their music. There is more and more a throwback to late 60s/ early 70s with what they’re doing these days. These things are easily noticed in their music, band’s look, and attitude. The show at The Grocery was one of the good nights for them. They were stepping out of the box and having fun!  The songs are familiar (and we’ve heard them many times), but they’ve been given new life – yes, in a positive and constructed direction.  We are seeing in Rosco Bandana, the needed edge – just what The Line has been hoping for them to grasp. By George, I think Rosco Bandana has got their mojo going…..Well, at least they did on May 28th, as they did at a recent show at Biloxi’s Hard Rock Cafe……all positive signs on where their road could be leading.

A brand new article is coming soon!

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Wed. May 27, 2015
The Line’s Johnny Cole was finally able to attend one of the regularly scheduled shows at Callaghan’s featuring The Deluxe Trio. (The Mobile, AL based band – The Deluxe Trio is Steve Varnes, Stan Foster, and Phil Proctor.) On this particular night, they were joined on stage by musician friends, Andy MacDonald from Fat Man Squeeze and Jose Santiago.

The Deluxe Trio at Callaghan’s in the beautiful historic Oakleigh District in Mobile, AL is a “Perfect Way” to spend a Wednesday evening!

Mon. May 25, 2015
On Memorial Day afternoon, Sugarcane Jane performed at the beach behind the American Legion in Fairhope, AL. Once again, Anthony broke out his fiddle (but on this occasion, lets call it a violin) to entertain those in attendance with a sound so beautiful. We stayed through first set, but had to leave afterwards. Too bad for us, because the second set they were joined on stage by Jimmy Lee Hannaford – we would have loved to been there for that special addition to the show.

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Fri. May 22, 2015
One of the busiest nights we’ve seen across the region. The Line and it’s contributors were everywhere.

Sugarcane Jane was at Jack’s by the Tracks – the night Anthony Crawford entertained Jack’s with some serious (at times almost classical) violin. One of the duo’s best shows!

Some of the other shows: Widespread Panic in Orange Beach | Rush in New Orleans | Taylor Swift in Baton Rouge | Andrew Duhon at Murky Waters (Gulfport, MS) | Dax Riggs at The Celtic (attended by Robby Amonett) | Jimmy Lee Hannaford at The Shed in Ocean Springs, MS (attended by Stephen Anderson).

It had been months since the last time, The Line’s Johnny Cole had been to a Kaboom show. The last time was a packed house at The Government Street Grocery. Now months later, a return to The Grocery to see Kaboom was long overdue (they performed a late show). They can still nail their own songs and cover a classic like Talking Heads “Psycho Killer”. 

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. May 21, 2015

We enjoyed a pleasurable evening of music by local favorite “Delta Reign”. This was their CD release party for “Nothing But Sky” at Callaghan’s. We also did an article of about Delta Reign.

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Sun. May 17, 2015
Beautiful evenings along the Gulf Coast are hard to beat! The perfect kind of place to enjoy good food, drink, fellowship, and of course, good music is along the water – That can be said of what occurred on Sunday, May 17th at a live music event on the waters in the vicinity of Mobile Bay. Grayson Capps, Corky Hughes, John Milham, and (from Sugarcane Jane) Anthony Crawford performed at The Bluegill on the Causeway.  It’s impossible to not to be fan of what these four musicians can do on stage!

Sat. May 16, 2015
Part 1:
Wes Lee returned to Jack’s by the Tracks; The Line’s Johnny Cole was there waiting.

Part 2:
Bronwynne Brent continues being a favorite. It’s been some time since we wrote the article about her in May 2014. We made this comment: With Bronwynne I can honestly say she is one of Contemporary Folk music’s most shining stars.”
This was her first time to perform at Irish Coast Pub and added attraction, she was accompanied by Jeff Lewis and Sherry Cothren of Cynical Twins (These two musicians from Jackson, MS have had a long history in Rock music dating back to the College Radio Rock Era with bands like R.E.M.)

Click Here to read our 2014 article about Bronwynne Brent..

Part 3: The music wasn’t done at Irish Coast Pub just yet… up was Kyle Reid & The Low Swingin’ Chariots  – another remarkable group of musicians from the Oklahoma music scene. They showcased the CD “Alright, Here We Go” and Kyle’s new Cigar Box EP “Don’t Be Afraid”.

Fri. May 15, 2015
The Line’s Stephen Anderson chose to visit The Shed in Ocean Springs, MS for a night of music by the talented Seth Walker.

Sat. May 9, 2015
Part 1:
Each year, Pascagoula, MS holds its annual Live Oaks Arts Festival. Last year, Sugarcane Jane had their “Beatles on the Rooftop Moment” when they performed overlooking the downtown street from Scranton’s balcony. This year, the music was once again really good. Scheduled this year was Mirage, Blackwater Bass, Blue Mother Tupelo, John Sansone and his band featuring John Fohl (known for is performing with Dr. John), and finally, The Stolen Faces (a Grateful Dead tribute band.).

Part 2:
Following a day of music across the tracks in downtown Pascagoula, MS, The Line ended its day listening to one of the best bands in the land “Blue Mother Tupelo” live at Jack’s by the Tracks.

Sun. May 3, 2015
The Power Trio has always had its well deserved place in Rock & Roll…..tonight its place was at Callaghan’s in Mobile, AL. Grayson Capps, Corky Hughes and John Milham delivered what could be called an electrified show on all levels. This could easily end up as one of The Line’s favorite shows of 2015.

Sat. May 2, 2015
This was the evening many Sugarcane Jane fans had been waiting for – Anthony & Savana Crawford aka Sugarcane Jane opening the show for Steve Winwood in Birmingham, AL.

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for 2015 article about this event.

Fri. May 1, 2015
Earlier this year (Thurs. Jan. 22nd to be exact), The Line was able to see Emily Kopp in New Orleans when she opened  the show for Larkin Poe at The Beatnik. The Line’s Johnny Cole has been waiting for an opportunity to see this rocker again. Thankfully, when Irish Coast Pub’s Ben Kaufman informed us, she was scheduled to appear at his place, Johnny quickly put priority in seeing her again.

Additional Comment:
Rosco Bandana’s Patrick Mooney opened the show.  It’s always nice seeing members of Rosco Bandana branch off into various projects.

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