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When Sweden Came to the Mississippi Songwriters Festival

One of the most memorable things about this year’s Mississippi Songwriters Festival was the arrival of some very talented singer-songwriters from Sweden. The 2022 Festival will be remembered as the year “When Sweden Came to the Mississippi Songwriters Festival”.

Prior to this year’s festival a group of songwriters from Mississippi traveled to Sweden to participate in the very first Mississippi/Sweden Songwriter Exchange program. Drew Young from New Orleans, now living Hattiesburg, MS, has made many trips to Sweden throughout the years and was instrumental in this program. Double Dee’s Darwin (Mississippi Songwriters Alliance board member) and Dana Nelson, successful singer-songwriter Sean Gasaway (Mississippi Songwriters Alliance Education Coodinator) and singer-songwriter Amy Lott were all in Sweden for several days in early September.

The Swedish music artists that performed at this year’s festival as part of this exchange program were:

Steve Eriksson from Gothenburg, Sweden. He is an amazing musician and singer-songwriter. When reading his bio, I learned he and I lived in New York City at the same time in the 1980’s. Eriksson has played with such musicians as the great Pete Seeger; folk musician, John Gorka; Steve Holley, a former drummer with Paul McCartney & Wings; and the late great Howie Wyeth, former drummer for Bob Dylan among many others.

Moa Erlandsson, professionally known as “Hilma” is from Nybro, Sweden. Her beautiful voice, grace and gift of songwriting proved to be one of the highlights at this year’s Mississippi Songwriters Festival. I hope we can hear more from her as she continues what is likely to be a long and promising career.

Izak Danielsson Kihlstrom, a young singer-songwriter from Karlstad, Sweden, has several things going for him as an entertainer, including his likeability and charm that easily allows him to connect with his audience. Everywhere he performed at this year’s Mississippi Songwriters Festival, the audience had nothing but great and positive things to say about him.

They, along with Ake Lundstrom, were a welcome addition to this year’s festival and The Southland Music Line was privileged to attend their performances at Fort Maurepas Park overlooking Ocean Springs Beach, Gulf Hills Resort and the Grand Finale at Murky Waters.

The following photos are by Stephen “Andy” Anderson and the above commentary is by Johnny Cole (additional editing by Brenda Germany).

* Additional photos of the music artists from Sweden can be located in the photo collection spotlighting the Kick-Off Party & Grand Finale. See link at bottom of page.

Hilma, Izak Danielsson Kihlstrom, Steve Eriksson
& Ake Lundstrom at Fort Maurepas Park in Ocean Springs
Steve Eriksson
Hilma & Izak Danielsson Kihlstrom
Ake Lundstrom
Darryl Meadows introduces
Steve Eriksson, Izak Danielsson Kihlstrom & Hilma
Izak Danielsson Kihlstrom
Izak Danielsson Kihlstrom
Steve Eriksson
Steve Eriksson & Izak Danielsson Kihlstrom
Steve Eriksson, Izak Danielsson Kihlstrom & Hilma
Our Featured Photo for Oct/Nov 2022

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