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“The Line Appreciates Our Contributors”

The Southland Music Line began five years ago when Robby Amonett, Stephen Anderson and I set out to document our combined experiences as we continued a pilgrimage in search of great music across the South and abroad. Over the course of these few years we have, for a huge part, accomplished our ultimate goal of informing others about the spectacular and thought-provoking music we encounter.

Individually, we have each enjoyed an array of satisfying results from our efforts. Robby has continued his success as an artist receiving numerous accolades and personal achievements, Stephen (Andy) has taken thousands of photographs of exclusive events and musicians including the cover photo for Simon & Schuster’s book “Jimmy Buffett: A Good Life all the Way”, and I continue to follow musicians around the world as a media/press liaison and music journalism consultant.

Along the way, all three of us have enjoyed our journey and appreciate the many people who have helped us. In these five years, we have had several individuals share their talents with the Southland Music Line as contributing writers, proofreaders, photographers and consultants. Those who have assisted with proofreading the many articles have been Pasty Cheek, Sandra Cole, Connie Gibbs, Cindy Thamert and Brenda Germany. We also appreciate the additional photographers who have allowed us to use some of their fine work, such as Chad Edwards, Shane Rice, Fred Salinas, Mallisa Mott, Brice Creel and others. In the midst of all this, we have done podcasts, radio and even a television show. A big thank you to Steven Dale, Stefan Lawson, JT Nicholson and Russ Clement for their contributions.

The Line has had the good fortune of having some highly qualified and talented contributing writers: Leslie Mulcahy, Cindy Thamert, Glenda Campbell, Robby Amonett and most recently the addition of Brenda Germany. Several readers contributed on the group projects about Sugarcane Jane and The Frog Pond at Blue Moon Farm – both were two of our most read articles. In the coming months, we will be introducing a couple more writers to The Line.

You may have noticed in recent weeks, Brenda Germany has been writing some fascinating articles about The Mississippi Shakedown, Jimmy Lumpkin & the Revival and music photographer Bill Daniel. You can also expect more articles by Brenda in the coming weeks and months. We truly appreciate her ability to share with us such informative and entertaining articles.

The Southland Music Line has been and will continue to be a labor of love by all those who make it happen. We have never seen ourselves as anything more than what we are – a simple website that encourages others to enjoy music as much as we do. As we enter our sixth year, some minor changes are coming, but our mission will remain the same as our original goal: Encouraging others to enjoy music and spreading the word about the outstanding music we encounter.

We are grateful to our readers and all those who share our articles and photo collections on social media and are very happy to have the opportunity to continue The Southland Music Line’s pilgrimage in search of great music as we look forward to what comes next.

Some articles by Brenda Germany (a new contributing writer at The Southland Music Line):

Photos by Stephen Anderson

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