Synthesis of the Soul…

Robby Amonett’s “Synthesis of the Soul” Collection

“All arts aspire to the condition of music”

I love the sound of fresh paint while being applied to a plain white canvas. The visceral melodies brought forth by a bristled brush; along with the perfect color achieving that perfect tone. Hence, a symphony of sort, composed by the inner-sanctum; via the visual plane.
Music is said to possess the purest sense of all the arts. Abstract by nature—it translates the unknown into a unique familiarity. However, it is a grave mistake to consider music to be solely audible…the rhythmic rhymes of lyrical verse… the vibrancy and harmony throughout the curves of a stone sculpture…the unity between an interpretive dancer and that beloved beat. All possess the passions of the heart; which is the metronome for the soul.

“So describing sounds by natural color, and colors by natural sounds,
that color be heard and sound seen.”

I have been painting alongside live music in an attempt to capture the sounds of a moment. It has become my goal to have the notion of a silent instrument; with form as the rhythm and color as my voice…to provide a visual transcription of the music beside me.
During the process of this series, I have developed a cohesiveness of color conducive with the aforementioned quote from Kandinsky. Also, through the live aspect of painting, I find myself ‘following’ certain instruments, providing a unique energy and rhythm, as if I were—conducting the canvas.   – ROBBY AMONETT


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