Jimmy Buffett Returns To His Birthplace of Pascagoula, MS Photo Collection, Pt. 2

All The Following Photos
were taken by Stephen Anderson

©Stephen Anderson | The Southland Music Line (2015)
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20150920-SCA_4012The famous story told by Jimmy Buffett of his Grandfather’s inspirational words. (Photo by Stephen Anderson)

20150919-SCA_3185The painting on the bridge dedicated to Jimmy Buffett. (Photo by Stephen Anderson)

20150918-SCA_3116Brenda Kitchens painting at the soon to be dedicated bridge. Photo taken on Fri. Sept. 18, 2015 (Photo by Stephen Anderson)

20150920-SCA_3632Jimmy Buffett being honored on Sat. Sept. 19, 2015 (presented by Rep. Charles Busby) (Photo by Stephen Anderson)

20150920-SCA_3559From Left: Rep. Charles Busby, Buffett and Sen. Brice Wiggins -The Mississippi State Legislature declared each May 6th as Jimmy Buffett Day in honor Buffett’s parents’ wedding anniversary. (Photo by Stephen Anderson)

20150920-SCA_3546Jimmy Buffett receiving one of many honors on Sat. Sept. 19, 2015 (Buffett with Rep. Charles Busby & Sen. Brice Wiggins) (Photo by Stephen Anderson)

20150920-SCA_3609Jimmy Buffett receiving another honor from Mayor Jim Blevins of Pascagoula, MS (Photo by Stephen Anderson)

20150920-SCA_3663Buffett friend and Pascagoula native Franz Hanning (Pres./CEO of Wyndham Vacation Ownership) congratulating Buffett on his many honors prior to introducing him and Mac McAnally to fans awaiting the live concert. (Photo by Stephen Anderson)

20150920-SCA_4005Buffett and McAnally leaving stage following show. (Photo by Stephen Anderson)

20150920-SCA_4095Official Set List. *One change: He would perform “The Captain and The Kid” instead of “He Went to Paris” for final song. (Photo by Stephen Anderson)

20150920-SCA_3460Jimmy Buffett’s sea plane as it arrived at Krebs Lake. (Photo by Stephen Anderson)

20150920-SCA_3448Jimmy Buffett’s sea plane high above Pascagoula, MS (Photo by Stephen Anderson)

20150922-SCA_4258Baptiste Bayou (or Bayou Baptiste) in Pascagoula, MS (Photo by Stephen Anderson)

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