Jimmy Lee Hannaford


Jimmy Lee Hannaford is one of the most liked and admired musicians from The Gulf Coast.  He can be seen performing in venues up and down the shores of the Alabama and Mississippi Gulf Coastal areas. He was also once part of the Austin, TX music scene and is an accomplished journalist. (Jimmy Lee has written for newspapers and authored published books.) During the early stages of the band “Sugarcane Jane”, Jimmy Lee performed alongside friends, Anthony and Savana Lee Crawford; additionally he has performed with acclaimed blues musician Libby Rae Watson.

The Southland Music Line appreciates Jimmy Lee’s skills as a singer/songwriter/musician, his kind support towards “The Line”, entertaining stories AND, above all, FRIENDSHIP.

The following photos were exclusively taken by Jimmy Lee’s longtime friend, Stephen “Andy” Anderson, (Andy had the honor of taken photos of Johnny and June Carter Cash for an article being written by Hannaford.)
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