The Bogalusa Blues & Heritage Festival 2015 Photo Coll., Pt. 1

All The Following Photos
were taken by Stephen Anderson
©Stephen Anderson | The Southland Music Line (2015)
Page Developed by Johnny Cole

20150926-SCA_5629Terry “Harmonica” Bean

20150926-SCA_5615Terry “Harmonica” Bean

20150927-SCA_5767Terry “Harmonica” Bean

20150927-SCA_5801Mia Borders

20150927-SCA_5799Mia Borders

20150927-SCA_6295Johnny Sansone

20150927-SCA_6262Johnny Sansone

20150927-SCA_7028Jon Cleary

20150927-SCA_7081Jon Cleary and The Absolute Monster Gentleman

20150927-SCA_7762Yonrico Scott
(drummer for Royal Southern Brotherhood;
Derek Trucks Band and Yonrico Scott Band)


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©The Southland Music Line


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