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Della Memoria: A Beautiful Dream Finds New Beginnings

The evolution of a dream continues as Della Memoria releases its much anticipated second collection of new music with “The Ebb”. The 2017 EP has had a journey all unto itself. To start, in late 2016 the just completed music was mysteriously stolen, thus leaving Della Memoria with only one option – record it again.

The Southland Music Line has been following Della Memoria since the early stages of their existence as a band. They have made numerous changes throughout the years including their lineup and image. Their sound has always been intact while growth has blossomed.

SCA_6823Della Memoria’s Emily Sholes Smith at The Listening Room in Mobile, AL

A few years ago along the Mississippi Gulf Coast, a surgence of young musicians interested in songwriting was taking place. A number of venues were becoming part of this movement. One such place was Irish Coast Pub in Gulfport, Mississippi. The much missed music venue was the brainchild of proprietor Ben Kaufman. The music scene was very encouraging and one such band very much a part of that scene was Della Memoria.

In 2014, Della Memoira released “Beautiful Dream”.  In the following weeks and months, there was a broad interest in the band across the region. Places like The Thirsty Hippo in Hattiesburg, Mississippi became hot spots for the band. They also performed successful shows at Callaghan’s and The Soul Kitchen in Mobile, Alabama. During this time, we highlighted the band in an article entitled “The Evolution of a Beautiful Dream – Della Memoria’s Musical Journey & Recording of Their Debut Release”.

SCA_6354Della Memoria’s Josh Smith and Emily Sholes Smith at The Government Street Grocery in Ocean Springs, MS.

As with most bands, changes are always inevitable. The departure of its lively and enthusiastic drummer Patrick McGinley had Della Memoria’s remaining two members, Emily Sholes and Josh Smith, pondering the future of the band.

Attempts at pressing on seemed difficult, but Emily and Josh persevered. Various musicians were brought in with hopes of reestablishing the desired direction. Emily and Josh began performing shows as a duo, though they never gave up the idea of a full band.

Over time, Della Memoria became regulars at a number of more intimate venues across the Gulf Coast like Sea Grapes Wine Cafe. Eventually, they returned to doing shows in nearby Mobile. Jim Pennington and The Listening Room became a huge supporter as Della Memoria began to reemerge as one of area’s most promising music artists.

On March 12, 2016, Emily and Josh were married. The Line’s Stephen Anderson, Robby Amonett and I were honored to witness the beautiful occasion.

16114931_1224925940895979_4926446738249715473_nDella Memoria’s latest EP “The Ebb” (2017)

Later in the spring, I interviewed the couple for the TV show “Music Scene” at their home in Gulfport. This was the same place Stephen Anderson and I heard the early prereleased recordings that became their debut EP “Beautiful Dream”. It was a joy to visit with them again and hear some new music that would eventually lead to the second EP.

The coming months saw a rebirth in Della Memoria. Emily and Josh would first establish themselves as a seasoned duo, but with the official addition of guitarist Wayne Mott and Tommy Mims on drums, things became defined. Emily also began to find herself as an artist. Della Memoria’s sound and quality of songs have shown considerable growth. Their latest “The Ebb” shows the progress and several yet to be recorded songs await in the horizon begging to be recorded. My hope is to see Della Memoria continue their search for the edge needed to go to the next level.

Recent shows have shown Della Memoria enjoying what they first imagined for themselves. It’s a great time for the band and what they are capable of achieving can finally be accomplished.

Della Memoria is Emily Sholes Smith, Josh Smith, Wayne Mott & Tommy Mims.

“The Ebb” by Della Memoria (2017)
Track One: Storm
Track Two: Bright Screens
Track Three: Morning News
Track Four: Corners
Track Five: Before the Sun Goes Down


Photo Albums:
Della Memoria (Photos by Stephen Anderson)
Della Memoria Live at Gov’t St. Grocery – Sat. Nov. 28, 2015
Della Memoria Live at Gov’t St. Grocery – Fri. July 15, 2016
Della Memoria Live at Gov’t St. Grocery – Fri. Jan. 7, 2017
Della Memoria Live at The Listening Room – Sun. Jan. 8, 2017

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