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Taking Flight with Paw Paw’s Medicine Cabinet

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Over the last couple of years, the Mobile, AL based band Paw Paw’s Medicine Cabinet has gained a loyal and devoted following. Their live shows have gained widespread recognition as one of those “bands to watch” as they furthered their evolvement

Prior to the release of “The Great Room” and “Sombody Else’s Dream”, their two album debut, I was fortunate enough to receive copies of the much anticipated music. My first listen was while driving down a highway on a rainy night with little distraction. From the very beginning of the first album/CD to the end of the second one, I did nothing but listen. Afterwards, I pulled into a parking lot and listened for a second time. When listening to them in their entirety, I suggest beginning with “The Great Room” and finishing with “Somebody’s Else’s Dream”. The musical journey builds to the final disc’s trip into the what at times feels like the great beyond, though both stand very much on their own.

ppmc cdWhen I originally heard that they were simultaneously releasing not one but two albums, I wondered if it was a good idea. After hearing them, I realized that the novel idea of releasing two very different albums with separate titles provided a way for the band to share with us a broader range of musical style and representation of who they are as they continue to develop as a band. Rick Hirsch (an original member of the Alabama and Georgia Music Hall of Fame band Wet Willie / successful songwriter / musician / producer) produced the two albums which were recorded at his studio H2O in Mobile, Alabama. His wisdom of bringing in longtime friend and acclaimed musician Red Young to lay down tracks with the band made for the perfect combination. The outcome demonstrates Hirsch’s true ability as a producer and engineer while recognizing the individual strengths of the band. His guidance and knowledge are apparent and admirable in these two exceptional albums.

Paw Paw Medicine Cabinet consists of Mike Jernigan on guitar/vocals, Gabriel Willis on bass/vocals,  Ethan Snedigar on drums/percussion, Jeremy Ault on lead guitar, and Jacob Hall on keyboards.

To be personally honest, there are no weak points that I can hear in this band of very capable and talented musicians. Paw Paw’s Medicine Cabinet has given us some recorded music that lives up to the praise that their many admirers have been saying about them for a long time.

Recently while traveling on a non-commercial flight from Napa Valley to Red Rocks, their CDs were played for around 20 music personnel who had nothing but positive comments for what they heard as they flew high above the Rockies. With this new 2-album release, Paw Paw’s Medicine Cabinet is indeed destined to take flight to stratospheric heights in the skies that certainly await on their horizons.

“The Great Room” and “Somebody Else’s Dream” are July 2017’s Spotlight Music of the Month at The Southland Music Line.

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ppmc2cMike Jernigan (guitar/vocals) at Callaghan’s Irish Social Club in Mobile, AL (Sun. May 28, 2017)

ppmc6Gabriel Willis  (bass/vocals) at Callaghan’s Irish Social Club in Mobile, AL (Sun. May 28, 2017)

ppmc4Ethan Snedigar (drums/percussion) at Callaghan’s Irish Social Club in Mobile, AL (Sun. May 28, 2017)

ppmc3Jeremy Ault (lead guitar) at Callaghan’s Irish Social Club in Mobile, AL (Sun. May 28, 2017)

z2Jacob Hall (keyboards) at Callaghan’s Irish Social Club in Mobile, AL (Sun. May 28, 2017)



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