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“Wash Hole Jam – Brewton, AL” Starring Willie Sugarcapps

Saturday afternoons in Alabama are about one thing – SEC Football, and in particular, the Alabama Crimson Tide or Auburn Tigers. Discussions abound when folks get together on any occasion each autumn weekend.

Wille Sugarcapps sign at Wash Hole JamThe Willie Sugarcapps sign placed in front of stage by locals. (Photo by Stephen Anderson)

Saturday, Sept. 20th wasn’t much different, but for one thing, many in the Brewton, AL community were not going to pass up a chance to have one bonus good time in the park down by the creek. Of course, Alabama football was blasting over some speakers so the game could be followed prior to the big show.

Willie Sugarcapps at Wash Hole JamWillie Sugarcapps (Photo by Stephen Anderson)

The Big Show

The Wash Hole Jam was starring one of the favorite bands from the Gulf Coast South, “Willie Sugarcapps”. The Southland Music Line has seen Willie Sugarcapps on a number of occasions, but today was special because each part of this all-star ensemble (that dates back to its origin at The Frog Pond at Blue Moon Farm) Grayson Capps, Corky Hughes, Will Kimbrough, Anthony & Savana Lee Crawford (aka Sugarcane Jane) would take their turn on stage doing their own music. How thrilling it was to see each do their own material before joining together for the Willie Sugarcapps finale!

Wiile SugarcappsWillie Sugarcapps (Photo by Stephen Anderson)

The good folks of Brewton, AL showed genuine Southern hospitality to all in attendance. The park near the creek provided a country charm perfect for a weekend of food, visiting with old and new friends, and music. The concert was preceded by a community charity shrimp boil and a chance to visit a variety of local vendors offering crafts or homemade goodies. The peanut brittle was out of this world!

Fire Performance ArtistFire performance artist (Photo by Stephen Anderson)

A unique addition to the evening was a group of Fire Performance Artists from New Orleans and Florida. It didn’t take long before they were receiving plenty of rapt attention. Between fire-lit baton twirling and fire breathing, there was much to enjoy for spectators.

Will Kimbrough

Will KimbroughWill Kimbrough (Photo by Stephen Anderson)

Then came the music. The first to take to the stage was Will Kimbrough. Wearing a red Muscle Shoals FAME studios T-shirt, he performed some of his most loved songs and captivated the audience with his superior skills as a musician.
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Sugarcane Jane
Anthony & Savana Lee Crawford

Anthony CrawfordAnthony Crawford has performed on stage and toured with Neil Young, Steve Winwood, Dwight Yoakam, Sonny James and more. (Photo by Stephen Anderson)

Sugarcane Jane would follow providing fan favorites and some new songs sure to become favorites. Anthony and Savana bring a certain electricity to their shows. The songwriting is superior and Anthony, on guitar or any instrument, makes for one of the best musicians I’ve ever seen. (I’ve seen thousands too, including his performing with Steve Winwood and Neil Young.) Savana’s vocals always brings a smile because of their beauty and undeniable charm.

Savana Lee Crawford at Wash Hole JamSavana Lee Crawford’s vocals are a major part of Willie Sugarcapps’ most loved songs, including – “Oh Colorado” (written by Will Kimbrough & Sara Jean Kelley)  Photo by Stephen Anderson

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Savana Lee CrawfordSavana Lee Crawford performing at Wash Hole Jam in Brewton, AL (*Photo by The Southland Music Line)

Grayson Capps And Corky Hughes

Grayson CappsGrayson Capps (Photo by Stephen Anderson)

Corky HughesCorky Hughes (Photo by Stephen Anderson)

Grayson Capps and Corky Hughes performed next. Grayson, who once called Brewton, AL his home, brought tales of his childhood there. Conceivably one of the highlights of the evening, Grayson, who has the great ability to tell a story, has become one of my favorite storytellers in song. And finally, words can’t convey enough about the skills Corky Hughes brings to the guitar and lap steel. Seeing him perform recently as part of the Corky Hughes Trio has even furthered my appreciation for this man’s incredible talent.

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Brooke Brown, Cary Laine & Justin Johnson

Between the individual performances and the Willie Sugarcapps finale, were three talented artists performing a series of songs. First up, was gifted songwriter Brooke Brown, then the always enjoyable Cary Laine (we recently saw her perform at the Songwriting Festival in Fairhope, AL) and finally a remarkable young man, Justin Johnson, who beat all odds following a life threatening skateboarding accident.

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Willie Sugarcapp Fans

Willie Sugarcapps took to the stage at dark giving us what we’ve come to appreciate from them. No matter the song or how often we’ve heard each of them, it remains fresh and enjoyable. The fans of Willie Sugarcapps are more than just a few who show up to the occasional show, but they’re friends to the band who rarely miss a show.

Willie Sugarcapps | Wash Hole Jam in Brewton, AL Willie Sugarcapps (Photo by Stephen Anderson)

One such friend of the band, Mrs. Glenda, can be seen sitting up front at nearly all the shows. Going to a Willie Sugarcapps or Grayson Capps show wouldn’t feel right if Glenda and her friends weren’t in attendance. She is not only loved by the band, but all the others who go to these great shows. I, too, appreciate her kindness and that we share a love for music.

Glenda Stabler Campbell at Wash Hole JamOne of Willie Sugarcapps #1 Fans – “Mrs. Glenda” (Photo by Stephen Anderson)

The evening was full of highlights as each and every Willie Sugarcapps show is sure to have. As anyone who attends a Sugarcapps show already knows, segments of each show feature everything from big lady undergarments to carnation flowers. “What?” you ask. My advice- Go to a show and see for yourself! Always a few surprises too.

Willie Sugarcapps FanTo better undertstand this photo –  you have to be at a Wille Sugarcapps show to fully understand and ‘get it.” (Photo by Stephen Anderson)

The Southland Music Line will definitely return to more events in Brewton.  O’Bannon Park was ideal for such an event. The organizers were kind and made everyone feel at home. We want to thank them for their warm hospitality.

Wash Hole Jam Organizers The organizers of the big event: (from left:) James Chris Fields of “Low Country Adventures Events”, Connie Baggett from The “Brewton Music Festival” and PR extrodanaire for the City of Brewton and Megan Brantly of Antigone’s Art Loft. These three and the many good people of Brewton, AL sure know how to put on a nice event.  (Photo by Stephen Anderson)

Willie Sugarcapps | Wash Hole Jam in Brewton, AL Willie Sugarcapps performs the Leonard Cohen song “Hallelujuh” for one of their fans battling illness. (Photo by Stephen Anderson)

Willie Sugarcapps | Wash Hole Jam in Brewton, ALWillie Sugarcapps (Photo by Stephen Anderson)

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  1. My Native American name is “Dances with Panties”. It is amazing how easy it is to promote audience participation with a dozen or so tossed pairs of big old woman bloomers!

    1. Wash Hole Jam was a lot of fun. We can’t wait until next time! LOL at Leslie’s funny comments. You’re such a fun person and make going to Willie Sugarcapps’ shows special.

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