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A Conversation with Lilly Winwood at The Listening Room in Mobile, AL (Thur. Sept. 15, 2016)

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While attending the 30A Songwriter’s Festival in January of 2016, I ran across a familiar last name listed in the festival’s impressive lineup which included Jackson Browne, J.D. Souther, Parker Millsap, Shovels & Rope, Grace Potter, Jim Lauderdale, Bob Schneider, and several others.

Lilly Winwood, the daughter of legendary musician Steve Winwood, was performing an acoustic set of her own original music at one of the venues I visited.

Fast forward a few months, Anthony Crawford (a one time member with Steve Winwood’s band) mentioned to me Lilly was coming down to record some tracks at his Admiral Bean Studios in Loxley, AL and was to perform a couple shows with Sugarcane Jane (his music-duo with wife Savana). Photographer Stephen Anderson and I had the privilege of taking in one of their shows at The Hub in northwest Florida. It was rather special to have seen Anthony Crawford perform with two generations of Winwoods nearly three decades apart.

Lilly 06Lilly Winwood at The Listening Room in Mobile, AL (Thur. Sept. 15, 2016)

Two months later, Lilly opened a show for the great Jim Lauderdale at Callaghan’s in Mobile, AL.  Within a few weeks, Lilly returned to the “Azalea City” to perform at The Listening Room. It has become evidently clear, she enjoys the Gulf Coast.

I sat down with her at The Listening Room for a brief conversation. It’s a real joy getting to know Lilly and I appreciated her taking a few moments to visit.

Lilly 10Lilly Winwood at The Listening Room in Mobile, AL (Thur. Sept. 15, 2016)

Our visit:

JGC: You’ve been playing on the Gulf Coast quite a bit recently, so is it correct to say you like playing here?

Lilly: I recently discovered the Gulf Coast community and how much the people here really enjoy the art of music writing. I first discovered that while performing at the 30A Music Festival.

JGC: You sure have been playing at some great places and gathering a following along the Gulf Coast. As you mentioned, you did the festival at 30A, a couple shows with the highly popular Sugarcane Jane, a sensational Callaghan’s show where you opened for the great Jim Lauderdale and now tonight you are at The Listening Room. Speaking of Jim Lauderdale when did you first meet him?

Lilly: A few years ago I was playing at Music City Roots and he was hosting the event.

JGC: Obviously you grew up around music-minded people so when did you first realize this is what you wanted to do?

Lilly: I’ve always been playing music, but it wasn’t until I finished school. It kind of happened by accident. I didn’t have anything else to do, so I wanted to continue with my music and see where it would take me.

JGC: What were some of the your first live performances?

Lilly: Other than playing in church or school, it was actually at Music City Roots when I was 16. This led to other opportunities.

JGC: Were you someone who was timid and shy with that early performance?

Lilly: Oh yeah…definitely! I’d like to think I’m someone who has grown a little since then.

JGC: I’ve now seen you a number of times and I’ve noticed when you perform, you tell some interesting stories leading up to each song. Where do you draw some of the inspirations for your songs?

Lilly: I love writing songs that are like paintings. My song “One Big Sky”…it’s like the typical movie plot when you have the character crossing a threshold and entering into a unknown space and then the journey carries on and they find themselves in conclusion back at the threshold. A lot of my songs come from my traveling or past experiences.

JGC: I know you are presently busy at work. You recently did some excellent work at Anthony Crawford’s Admiral Bean Studios in Loxley, AL. Of course, Anthony has previously worked with your father and I know he’s known you since you were a baby. Do you mind telling us a little about that experience and also, what’s coming up?

Lilly: I enjoyed working with Anthony and Savana. As you referred to, I’ve known Anthony and Savana a long time. They really helped bring out the production of what I wanted to put on these songs. It also helped piece them together and putting together what I wanted to do. I do have an EP in the works and hopefully it will be out soon. Hopefully a record will be released early in the new year too.

JGC: So you are now presently working on your music at some different places?

Lilly: Yes.

JGC: In the coming year after you get your music officially released, what do you have planned?

Lilly:  I’m definitely focusing on getting the music released. That’s my number one goal. Hopefully, then do some festivals and get back to some touring gigs.

JGC: Do you have a booking agent?

Lilly: Sara Vale with Axecess Entertainment. She’s a lovely person.

JGC: That’s great! She’s awesome. So it’s someone you really like?

Lilly: Yes, it always helps. (smiles)

JGC: I love your music and in your own words, what’s the best way to describe your music?

Lilly: It definitely simmers between soul and Americana with tombres of my own voice and guitar. What I’ve been described as a lot of the time and what I describe myself as is a singer-songwriter.

JGC: Obviously, you’ve have been influenced musically by many talented people including your dad so, who are some of those people or even what’s some music that inspires Lilly Winwood?

Lilly: Right now….ummm, there are so many people that inspire me everyday. Friends often catch me in the car turning some music up. I might not even know who is playing, but I’m like “Do ya hear that lyric?”.

JGC: So you are someone that listens to and enjoys a variety of styles of music?

Lilly: Definitely yes! It depends much on what kind of mood I’m in….like on the drive down here, we were listening to classical music in the heavy traffic. (chuckles)

JGC: I’m that way too. For me, night to night varies whether it be the legendary punk band Television on one night, Springsteen on the next and Lilly Winwood on the following night. It really is about the music if it strikes your fancy. Basically, it’s the love for music.

Lilly:  Yes, I agree. What I’ve also been doing lately is looking a lot at the production of a song especially since I’m trying hard to get the record out soon. I’m always looking for helpful ideas.

JGC:  While continuing this journey, how do you want to be viewed? What is the ultimate goal?

Lilly: As I was telling you earlier, I’m so comfortable at doing this. The road is home to me. I want to be playing my music for people and seeing them enjoy it, whether it be in a large stadium or room with ten people. This is what brings me the most joy.

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It’s been a pleasure getting to know Lilly and nearly a year since I first attended her performance at 30A and few shows later, I can honestly say my enthusiasm of seeing what comes next for this talented young musician is on high alert.


Lilly 03Lilly Winwood with The Southland Music Line’s Johnny Cole at The Listening Room in Mobile, AL (Thur. Sept. 15, 2016)

Lilly 08Lilly Winwood at The Listening Room in Mobile, AL (Thur. Sept. 15, 2016)

Lilly 07Lilly Winwood at The Listening Room in Mobile, AL (Thur. Sept. 15, 2016)


Photo Collections of Lilly Winwood by Stephen Anderson:

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A Special thanks to Jim Pennington at The Listening Room, Anthony and Savana Crawford of Sugarcane Jane/Willie Sugarcapps, Cindy Thamert for her assistance on article, and of course, Lilly Winwood.


15The Southland Music Line’s Johnny Cole with Lilly Winwood at The Hub on 30A.




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