The Southland Music Line – 2017: A Year in Review

The Southland Music Line: The Website turned four years old in 2017. The ride which was started at Jack’s by the Tracks in Pascagoula, Mississippi has taken a wide variety of turns, but has kept to its basic principle – it’s simply about the music. Stephen Anderson, Robby Amonett and I were never interested in marketing ourselves into anything other than who we are as fans of great music. Our pilgrimage in search of new and exciting music remains intact.

Personally what I do professionally apart from “The Line” is highlighted regularly on social media. Yes, 2017 was a very busy year for me beginning with the journey to Australia and New Zealand following the Bruce Springsteen and The E Street Band Tour. From January through the end of the year, I remained on the road following a number of touring musicians. 300+ shows, six major tours, twenty festivals and thousands of miles later, I have survived a year that I could never have anticipated. To all who made things possible, thank you.
Click Here to see Johnny’s complete list of 300+ shows

Johnny Cole

Photographer, Stephen “Andy” Anderson had a year of many highs and lows. A high point was having his photograph of Jimmy Buffett used for the cover of the biography “Jimmy Buffett: A Good Life All the Way” by Ryan White (Touchtone/Simon & Schuster). A low point was his automobile accident prior to his scheduled trip to another South By Southwest. Anderson photographed several musicians at an array of concerts and events such as Bentonia Blues Festival, Piney Woods Picnic, Mississippi Songwriters Festival, Mississippi Bicentennial, and the Bogalusa Blues & Heritage Festival. He traveled to the Mississippi Delta to photograph the Jericho Road Show in Clarksdale and regularly enjoyed taking photos at The Frog Pond at Blue Moon Farm, Callaghan’s, The Listening Room of Mobile, Jack’s by the Tracks, The Shed, and the Mary C. O’Keefe Cultural Center.
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Stephen “Andy” Anderson

Robby Amonett remains one of the region’s busiest artists. Each year, he attends well over 200 shows while painting or sketching hundreds of musicians. In late 2017, Amonett was awarded first place at the Mississippi Masterpieces Bicentennial Celebration for his painting of B.B. King entitled “The King Says Goodbye”. A photo by Stephen Anderson of B.B King at his final Indianola Homecoming served as model for the award winning painting. Amonett’s work has been showcased at a variety of shows. The popularity of his work remains a testament of his talent.

Robby Amonett

A number of articles by guest writers appeared in The Southland Music Line in 2017. In December, Glenda Campbell contributed the heartfelt article “The Gift of Grayson Capps”. Capps, who released his latest album “Scarlett Roses” in 2017, was named “Music Artist of the Year” by the The Line.

The Line’s Favorite Albums & Shows

Each year, Stephen, Robby and I individually post our favorite albums and shows list for the year. This is not an easy task due to the number of shows we attend and the amount of music we thoroughly enjoy.
Click Here for Our List(s)

Monthly Features at “The Line”

Spotlight Music of the Month:
> Jan – “Heartache Like You” (EP) by Hannah McFarland
> Feb – “Ebb & Flow” (EP) by Della Memoria
> Mar – “In the Clouds” by Anthony Crawford
> Apr – “Silent Sea” – Christina Christian
> May – “Hell or High Water” (Single) by Kelcy Hyde
> June – “Ladders and Edges” by Sugarcane Jane
> July – “The Great Room” & “Somebody Else’s Dream” by Paw Paw’s Medicine Cabinet
> Aug – “Live at Callaghan’s!” by Phil & Foster
> Sept – “Trinity Lane” by Lilly Hiatt
> Oct – “Silver Stage” (EP) by Lilly Winwood
> Nov – “Johnny Hayes & the Loveseats” by Johnny Hayes & the Lovseats; “First Cigarette” by Travis Meadows
> Dec – “Scarlett Roses” by Grayson Capps

Music Fans of the Month:
> Jan – Jeff & Pasty Cheek (Bastrop, TX)
> Feb – Christine Kennedy (Mobile, AL)
> Mar – Cathy Collins (Mobile, AL)
> Apr – Richard & Mollie Chin ( Fairhope, AL)
> May – Edie Ward (Fairhope, AL)
> June – Danny “Toad” & Sara Smith (Pascagoula, MS)
> July – Sandy Dillon Loper (Mississippi Gulf Coast)
> Aug – Robin Varner (Houston, TX)
> Sept – Charlie & Christine Wright (Grand Bay, AL)
> Oct – Scott & Neal Sansom (Pensacola, FL)
> Nov – David & Lee Thomas (Foley, AL)
> Dec – Kimberly Langston (Daphne, AL)

Readers Choice Awards

We appreciate our readers and all those who take the time to visit the website and comment on social media. At year’s end, we invited our readers to email us their votes in our annual Readers’ Choice Awards. These are awarded to the many musicians and venues that we cover during the year.

This year’s results for the 2017 Readers’ Choice Awards:
> Readers’ Choice Music Artist of the Year:
> Readers’ Choice Album of the Year:
> Readers’ Choice “Indoor” Venue of the Year:
> Readers’ Choice “Outdoor” Venue of the Year:

We honestly thank all of you. It is a joy sharing a love for music.
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> Click Here for The Southland Music Line’s Music Artist of the Year “Grayson Capps” and the article “The Gift of Grayson Capps” by Glenda Campbell; additional commentary by Johnny Cole
> Click Here for 2017 Favorites According to The Southland Music Line
> Click Here for Johnny Cole’s Complete List of 2017 Shows
> Click Here for Johnny Cole’s Complete Favorite Albums List of 2017
> Click Here for Johnny Cole’s Complete Favorite Shows List of 2017
> Click Here for Stephen Anderson’s List of 2017 Photo Collections
> Click Here for The Southland Music Line – The Acknowledgements 2017


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