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Mr. Sipp “The Mississippi Blues Child” – Dedicated to Keeping the Blues Alive

For some time, a name keeps popping up on the blues music scene. An artist with roots deep into gospel and soul, Castro Coleman aka Cat Cole, is gaining notoriety as Mr. Sipp – “The Mississippi Blues Child”.

Mr. SippThe concert poster for Mr. Sipp’s Ocean Springs performance at “The Mary C”

Recently, The Southland Music Line and several close friends were given the honor and opportunity to see why Mr. Sipp is receiving so much praise and admiration. His performance for the Thacker Mountain Radio Show at The Mary C. O’Keefe Cultural Center in Ocean Springs, MS received the attention of many loyal fans of great music. He later encored at this same venue, on a different night, to a packed house. On the following evening he would do it again, but this time at one of Mobile, Alabama’s best music venues, Callaghan’s Irish Social Club. From the theater setting of the “Mary C.” to the listening room/club atmosphere of Callaghan’s, his growing number of fans had the grand opportunity to see him work his magic at two very different places.

Mr. Sipp at The Mary C.Mr. Sipp and his band perform at The Mary O’Keefe Cultural Center.  Some in attendance were from as far away as Atlanta. Mr. Sipp performed many Blues classics and songs from his album “It’s My Guitar”. (Photo by Stephen Anderson)

Mr. Sipp is 2014’s International Blues Challenge Winner. He also received 2014’s Gibson Best Guitarist Award. These honors have given way to performing world wide and among other things, being cast in a James Brown bio-pic and even getting a guitar named in his honor. Castro Coleman (Mr. Sipp/Cat Cole) has over 125 credits to his name and has played on over 50 national recordings including several Grammy nominated projects.

Mr. SippMr. Sipp was a huge hit with the audience at “The Mary C.” (Mary C. O’Keefe Cultural Center) Photo by Stephen Anderson

From McComb, Mississippi and influenced by B.B. King, Howlin’ Wolf and Muddy Waters, Mr. Sipp is totally dedicated to keeping the blues alive.

One of the things I noticed and admired was his honesty. He tells his story truthfully without spicing it up with a lot of nonsense. His approachability is refreshing and a good example for other musicians.

Mr. SippMr. Sipp tours the world, but for two nights he performed along the Mississippi and Alabama Gulf Coast. (Photo by Stephen Anderson)

Above all, he lets his music do the real talking and he does it well. Watching him break into several blues classics was a thrill to all in attendance, but when he left the stage and walked the aisles with his guitar, it was true showmanship of the best kind.

My hope is that Mr. Sipp continues to perform in such a way, and bravely write songs that future generations of the blues can cover and truly appreciate.

Mr. SippSo why does Mr. Sipp wear tape around his glasses?……we were told, but feel it’s more meaningful coming from Mr. Sipp. We encourage you to ask him when given the opportunity. (Photo by Stephen Anderson)

I believe it’s fitting to mention Mr. Sipp’s favorite quote “I’m living to love the life that I live, Music!!!! “. Mr. Sipp is doing just that!

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JC with Mr. Sipp

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