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All This Entertainment – The Gulf Coast Based Multimedia Company Shows No Signs of Slowing Down

An Article by Johnny Cole
Photos by Stephen Anderson

In 2020, we at The Southland Music Line along with a growing audience of music fans began enjoying live stream programming that was being developed and produced by All This Entertainment, LLC, a Gulf Coast multimedia, production and marketing company that has been proving themselves as having a true vision of accessibility and connection for entertainers, musicians, venues and businesses alike.

One of the rewarding things about living on the Gulf Coast is having the opportunity to meet those who are devoted to promoting its quality of life, people, businesses, and amazing culture. We have met incredible individuals and groups who have placed an enormous emphasis on the region’s vibrant music scene, too. The talented people at All This Entertainment are a valued and welcome part of our unique region with creative ideas for expansion. Presently, they are producing the online programs, “Headphones On”, “Headphones On: Underground” and “On The Porch” with additional similar programming slated for the future.

I recently sat down with All This Entertainment’s Sergio Rangel at Callaghan’s, the popular restaurant and music venue located in Mobile, Alabama’s Oakleigh Historic District. Our visit was an enjoyable way to get better acquainted and discuss All This Entertainment. Rangel later invited The Line’s chief photographer, Stephen “Andy” Anderson and me to a live streaming of the show “Headphones On” as it began its second season on February 9th.

Top photo: Behind the scenes at “Headphones On” (Tues. Feb. 9, 2021); Above photo: Steve Centanni, Lagniappe Weekly music editor and host of “Headphones On”, with Walking Iris during the streaming of the show.

Headphones On
The first of three developed series being produced by All This Entertainment is “Headphones On”. This popular program is recorded and live streamed from St. Mary’s Infant Asylum, the home of its host, Lagniappe Weekly music editor, Steve Centanni. It was an honor to be there firsthand as this exciting show kicked off its second season which is sure to be met with continued success. One of the things that makes “Headphones On” work nicely is its unique setting and candid presentation. The season opener featured Walking Iris, a band consisting of the beautiful harmonies of Emily Stuckey, Katrina Kolb and Amanda Donald plus guitarist Tyler Wilson. It can easily be said, these musicians felt right at home as their music was streamed to an audience craving live music during the present COVID pandemic.

While there for the live broadcast, we met a number of those working diligently to make All This Entertainment’s original programming a growing success story. There is a talented group of sound, lighting and camera professionals working their magic behind the scenes – nothing goes unnoticed to make each show the best possible experience for its musical guests and viewers. Centanni’s home becomes a very operable studio equipped with every technology needed, yet one of the things we most appreciated was how the “home vibe” never left the premises, even with Centanni observing things from his kitchen as he prepared food for the people on site. For its second season, “Headphones On” will stream on the second and fourth Tuesday of every month.

Walking Iris during the live streaming of the All This Entertainment production of “Headphones On” (Wed. Feb. 9, 2021)

Headphones On: Underground
The All This Entertainment programming lineup continues with the cutting edge production “Headphones On: Underground” hosted by Monya “Sea Turtle Jones” Brown. This programming experience features those same live performance qualities of the previous show mentioned, but delves into alternative projects ranging from regional indie hip-hop, the underground rock scene and yes, even comedy. A new show is streamed every third Monday of the month.

On The Porch
A third program that displays that same high quality and content is “On The Porch” hosted by Scott Bottrell, a Gulf Coast singer-songwriter and music journalist who understands the pulse of the region’s well diversified music scene. During each episode of “On The Porch”, Bottrell discusses a variety of aspects related to the careers and music of his guests. Bottrell has an authenticity in his manner of interviewing his guests that makes each show very entertaining, lively and real.

Some of the guests to appear on this first rate production have been regional favorites: Abe Partridge, Brigham Cason, Emily Stuckey, Harrison McInnis, Jay Megginson, Johnny Hayes, Laurie Anne Armour, Molly Thomas, Phil & Foster, Red & The Revelers, and Royal Horses. In 2021, Bottrell will be interviewing more guests while continuing his refreshing approach to hosting the show.

Scott Bottrell, host of the All This Entertainment original production of “On The Porch”

Foxxy Records
If great original live stream programming isn’t already enough, All This Entertainment can also add Foxxy Records to its incredible list of offerings. This label is earnestly dedicated to providing its roster of music artists with production, distribution, promotion and touring assistance. All This Entertainment has optimistic plans for the future of Foxxy Records and its talented artist lineup.

All This Entertainment: The Company
While we are coming to know and enjoy All This Entertainment’s great lineup of programming, there is still more to highlight about this Gulf Coast based company. Firstly, the company provides to its customers competitively priced access to highly qualified and professional audio/visual services. Also, its capable team of technical experts provide their customers with a number of production options and a variety of filming styles, whether it be Live Stream, commercials or post-production. All This Entertainment is dedicated to providing its customers with the best possible product and services. Businesses, music artists, live and private events can all benefit from what this company has to offer and we have only touched on a portion.

We appreciate All This Entertainment’s dedication to provide a truly satisfying product to its customers and viewers. At the same time, not enough can be said about its already sensational lineup of self-developed programming. We’ve only briefly touched on the many things professionally offered by the company and invite you to visit their official website to learn more about their services and entertainment. The Southland Music Line is pleased to have had this opportunity to share these few things about All This Entertainment, a company with an obviously bright future that shows no signs of slowing down.

Behind the scenes with Sergio Rangel at the Feb. 9th streaming of  “Headphones On”



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  1. Great article Johnny. I’ve caught a couple of thier shows and liked them. It’s good to see people starting a business and being successful in music during COVID.

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