Kelcy Hyde

The Line Interviews Kelcy Hyde

The Line Interviews Kelcy Hyde
Your Heart Amazes Me by Kelcy HydeYour Heart Amazes Me by Kelcy Hyde
hen searching the South or other parts of the country in our travels, The Southland Music Line intently looks for those musicians with a deep passion for what they are doing.

There is so much to be said about such ones and what they are striving to achieve. Failure isn’t an option. The passion we speak of isn’t about commercial success, because many highly successful entertainers do not have the kind of passion many less known ones possess.

On the night of Wednesday, Oct. 22, 2014, singer-songwriter-entertainer Kelcy Hyde provided a group of her friends and fans one very highly charged performance. This was a special evening, as well, it was her official release party for her brand new EP, “Your Heart Amazes Me”. The EP, a long time coming, turns out to represent Kelcy in the best way. It showcases much of whom her fans have come to appreciate.

Kelcy Hyde's EP Release Party LocationKelcy Hyde’s EP Release Party was held at SIR Nashville on Oct. 22, 2014 (Photo by The Southland Music Line)

We have written articles and comments about Kelcy Hyde for a few years – since her days growing up in Nevada with hopes of moving to Nashville to follow her dream. We’ve commented on her determination, quality values as a person, her obvious good relationship with her supportive family and how she keeps taking continued strides towards her goals.

On the night of the event, one thing that impressed me was her sincerity, appreciation and honesty. Kelcy is a country girl and proud of it. Her stage presence is genuine and excitingly unpredictable. When talking with her, she made it clear that she puts much stock in songwriting and she continues to do so with no end in sight. Having worked with gifted and experienced songwriter, Bill DiLuigi, she has placed herself in the best possible environment of learning how to become an even better songwriter.

Another thing that was impressive was Kelcy’s song choices to accompany her original material. The young artist has the ability of choosing some highly energetic classic rock covers that blend well with her own songs. At one point, she did the Kansas mega-hit “Carry Wayward Son” before breaking into one of her own – a cool way to lead into a song. One of the most unique things to learn from her live show is what a good a band she has surrounding her. It really did feel as much “a band” and not just a group of musicians backing someone up.

Your Heart Amazes Me_______________________

Q&ASince the night of the event, I briefly had the honor to speak with Kelcy about a few things during a quick series of Q&A. I most enjoyed getting to know Kelcy better- she enjoys talking about music as much as I do.

THE LINE: So, Kelcy, how does it feel to finally have your EP available to the public?

KELCY: “Oh my gosh, so special. Just getting the songs written, then recorded was most rewarding. I really can’t express just how thankful and happy I am about having it finally finished. Such a dream come true.”

THE LINE: Besides having a new EP in 2014, what have been a couple other achievements you are most proud of?

KELCY: “Even though the song was released last year, having American Veterans Radio play my song “Girls Are Heroes Too” meant the world to me, especially since my sister is serving in the military overseas. Secondly, getting to meet so many people at Nashville’s Country Music Fan Fair. While at the Roper Boots booth, I met so many nice folks and having them approach me to sign autographs was a great thrill. I’m so thankful.”

THE LINE: Your EP Release Party seemed to have gone well, what was most special to you about the event?

KELCY: “The night was very special. Having my EP finally released; performing the songs from it with the entire band and definitely sharing it with friends . Plus, having my Mom drive all the way from Texas to be with me was special.”

THE LINE : I realize much of your live performing has been in the Nashville area at some great places like The Listening Room, but can we expect you to be hitting the road soon? Will the entire band be accompanying you?

KELCY: “I’m presently planning a tour for 2015 with multiple dates and of course, by all means, the entire band will be touring. Now that the EP has been released, we can’t wait to hit the road. This is a very exciting time. Can’t wait!”

THE LINE: In life in general, what are some things you are most proud about? People that have inspired you? etc?

KELCY: “Family. I am very happy to have such a close family. We’ve always been close, even when we are apart at different areas of the country and world. Regardless of where we are, we remain very close in our hearts and minds. My sister is presently serving in Iraq, my younger sister is attending college and my parents are in Texas, while I’m still here in Nashville, but our closeness remains stronger than ever.”

THE LINE: I love the confidence. It was told to me that you’ve wanted to be a performer since you were age three. So where do you see yourself in 5 years?

KELCY: “I’m taking on one thing at a time. For starters, I hope to have a booking agent and touring the country, writing more music and having it recorded. It’s what I’ve always wanted to do. Performing and meeting those that come to the shows means a lot to me.

THE LINE: What’s one of your most ultimate goals professionally?

KELCY: “There are many, but one really stands out – to perform at The Ryman would be a dream come true.”

THE LINE: Musical influences?

KELCY: “I’ve been listening to George Strait all my life. I can listen to that man sing all day. And I also love 80’s rock. I grew up listening to what my parents loved. Of course, I could name more, but these first come to mind.”

THE LINE: Who have you been listening to recently that others might not know much about?

KELCY: “My good friend Lance Carpenter. I would absolutely love to write a song with him too. It was so much fun having Lance perform at the EP Release Party, isn’t he great?”

THE LINE: Who is Kelcy Hyde?

KELCY: “A tall blonde dedicated to her music and will be for the rest of her life.”

THE LINE: Well, Kelcy we surely are excited for you and fully support what you are doing. I feel like I’ve known you for years from following your career since you were “this teenage girl from Nevada” to now seeing your career starting to fully blossom. We will continue to keep up with you and telling others to do the same.

Thanks so much for your time.


Kelcy Hyde's EP Release PartyThe sign directing fans, family and friends to the stage Kelcy would be performing at SIR/Nashvlle. (Photo by The  Southland Music Line)

Kelcy and I enjoyed a nice visit which included the above Q&A, but thankfully had more time getting to know one another better. I learned several new things about Kelcy. She really is a student of music and has a very complete knowledge of what has inspired her. Obviously, she is more than a singer and performer. Her great substance in character makes me, and hopefully others, want to follow her career further. When she spoke of goals, career highlights, her influences and “who she is” – it helped us understand her determination, love for music and her view of life, in general. She mentioned how she is often hard on herself, but frankly speaking, I told her that being hard on oneself often feeds the quest for greatness and taking on challenges provides such incredible opportunities.

Johnny Cole with Kelcy HydeThe Southland Music Line (The Line)’s  Johnny Cole with Kelcy Hyde at the EP Release Party in Nashville, TN. (Photo by The Southland Music Line)

Kelcy asked me some questions too. She asked me why didn’t I ask about her one time name change from being Kelcy Lee to now Kelcy Hyde. She told me the change came from performing one night in Nashville, and every female performing on that particular night had the last name “Lee”… to avoid further confusion, Kelcy Lee Hyde later went back to simply using the family last name, “Hyde”. So Kelcy Lee Hyde is no longer Kelcy Lee, but fittingly Kelcy Hyde.

Again, I encourage readers to learn more about Kelcy Hyde. Visit her website, purchase her music and most definitely go to a show. I must add, be sure to approach Kelcy and meet this very kind, generous and appreciative entertainer.

(One side note: Kelcy was so right to mention Lance Carpenter. He not only performed at the EP Release Party with some really outstanding original songs, but following his performance, he was kind enough to visit each and every person in attendance. I believe we will be hearing much more of him soon.)


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    1. Kelcy has a true love for what shes doing. Its been obvious to us at The Line for some time. It was a real joy to have this interview and time spent with such a nice and kind young talent.

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