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Sugarcane Jane: “Southern State of Mind’- Brand New Album Takes the Spotlight

An Article by Johnny Cole

Music has the power to unite, inspire, mend and bring cause for celebration. The duo of Sugarcane Jane continues to entertain us with their motivating music deeply layered with those traits – a traditional positive message – organic and real.

Sugarcane Jane, the husband-wife duo of Anthony and Savana Crawford from Loxley, Alabama, has been the subject of countless articles and photo collections at The Southland Music Line. Not only have they given several of us untold hours of music musical enjoyment, they’ve also become our friends.

This October, they will release their latest album, “Southern State of Mind”. Produced by Anthony Crawford and the legendary Buzz Cason at Admiral Bean Studio, this album shines with even more of what their fans have come to love. Songs such as “Cabin on the Hill’, the highly popular “Campfire”, “Man of the Fewest Words”, the beautiful “The One Before Me”, “Red Flags Warning”, the title-track, “Southern State of Mind” and more all perfectly demonstrate their gift for song.

Anthony Crawford at the Slowboat Brewing Company (Photo by Stephen “Andy” Anderson)

Over the years, we at “The Line” have written in great detail about Anthony and Savana’s career as Sugarcane Jane, and have spoken often of Anthony’s stellar career working alongside Sonny James, Neil Young, Steve Winwood, Vince Gill, Dwight Yoakam and many others. On a personal note, I still can’t get beyond Anthony’s account his humorous encounter with Sir Paul McCartney – get him to tell you. Honestly, following Anthony’s career has been one of my longest running honors which began when I first saw him performing with Neil or Steve back in the day. When you add up all the times I have seen him perform since the early 1980s with others and alongside Savana, I have had the pleasure of seeing him more times than any other musician, including close contenders such as Bruce Springsteen or Stevie Nicks.

The Sugarcane Jane albums “Dirt Road’s End” (2015) and “Ladders and Edges” (2017) and Anthony’s solo album “National Treasure” (2016), in their respective years, appeared in The Line’s Year End “Top Ten Favorite Albums List”. Sugarcane Jane also was named Readers’ Choice “Music Artist of the Year” in 2015 and 2017 at The Southland Music Line.

Savana Lee Crawford at The Slowboat Brewing Company (Photo by Stephen “Andy” Anderson)

This month we are naming “Southern State of Mind” by Sugarcane Jane as the Spotlight Music of the Month.

We would also like to acknowledge the front photo cover of “Southern State of Mind” by photographer Neil Ladner – well done! The highly popular Sugarcane Jane logo appears in the album/cd insert photo of Savana and Anthony (who is wearing a shirt with much loved logo).

The Album’s Tracks:
1. Cabin on the Hill (Crawford/Cason)
2. Campfire (Crawford/ Cason)
3. Man of Fewest Words (Crawford/ Cason)
4. South State of Mind (Crawford/ Cason)
5. Destiny (Crawford/ Cason)
6. Rainbow (Cason)
7. Red Flags Warning (Crawford)
8. The One Before Me *An earlier recording of this beautiful song originally appeared on Savana’s amazing 2007 album “Redbird”. (Crawford/ Cason)
9. How Do You Know (Crawford/Cason)
10. We Can Dream (Crawford/ Cason)

In conclusion, to paraphrase the album’s title track:

“Where I long to be
Is undernearth that live oak tree
Sipping cool iced tea while listening
to the latest Sugarcane Jane CD.”

Click Here to purchase “Southern State of Mind” by Sugarcane Jane
Click Here to learn more about Sugarcane Jane

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