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The Mulligan Brothers: 2015 Music Artist of the Year

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There are things in life that seem to stack up beside one another with a special creative blend to the admiration of many onlookers. On the rarest of occasions, a musician is able to strike with a strong meaningful album, not once, but twice. Yes, it’s not the impossible, but when it occurs it’s something to be valued and admired.

During 2012, one such band, The Mulligan Brothers, delivered a real gem to the music loving public. Prior to the release of their self-titled debut album, the word and enthusiasm about The Mulligan Brothers had been spreading at a steadily rapid growing pace – the word of mouth was strong.

20151130-SCA_0877(2)The Mulligan Brothers (Left to Right): Gram Rea, Greg DeLuca, Ross Newell and Ben Leininger – at The Bluegill on The Causeway in Spanish Fort, AL on the evening of Sun. Nov. 29, 2015.

On the arrival of their full-length debut release, one could attend any one of a number of shows around the Gulf Coast and Deep South Region and be met by a Mulligan Brothers fanbase with a knowledge of each and every one of their songs consisting of nearly 80% original material while tapped off with some “make it their own” special covers.

The Mulligan Brothers are: Ross Newell (lead vocals, guitar, and songwriting); Gram Rea (fiddle, mandolin, viola, harmonica and vocals); Ben Leininger (bass and vocals) and Greg DeLuca (drums and vocals).

20151130-SCA_0572Ross Newell on the evening of Nov. 29, 2015 at The Bluegill

These four guys, with obvious genuine talent, have a second appealing and noticeable feature, as well – they’re four of the most approachable and kindest guys you’ll ever meet. The time they spend before and after shows with friends and fans is never hurried nor unreal.

The Southland Music Line has seen them dozens of times across the region (Mobile, AL; Magnolia Springs, AL; Biloxi, MS; Ocean Springs, MS, Jackson, MS and more). Each and every show is a winner and those winning are we the fans!

20151130-SCA_0735Gram Rea on the evening of Sun. Nov. 29, 2015 at the Bluegill

As mentioned, there are those times when a musician or band releases not one, but two outstanding albums in a row. In late 2014, the pre-release party for The Mulligan Brothers follow-up to their much loved debut took place at Joe Jefferson Playhouse in Mobile, AL. The fans fortunate enough to attend this event, lined up to get their early copies of “Via Portland” by The Mulligan Brothers.

“Via Portland” was recorded in Portland, Oregon at Ice Cream Studios, produced by Steve Berlin and engineered by Jeff Saltzman. The finished result proved that it blended well with their earlier album.

 Since the official release date on January 20, 2015, “Via Portland” (Southern Routes Records) has received high marks from a wide variety of music critics and reputable sources. Above all, their fans have loved it.

20151130-SCA_0709Greg DeLuca on the evening of Sun. Nov. 29, 2015 at the Bluegill

One such fan likened “Via Portland” as simply part two to their previous album. Yes, the blend is present but continued growth is extremely apparent.

Why The Mulligan Brothers is our choice for Music Artist of the Year? Compared to those artists who have sold a half million or more units of music, one could question our judgement. The Southland Music Line travels thousands of miles seeing hundreds of bands/musicians and attends shows most nights of the week. Our main objective is to learn and share the news of the wonderful and amazing music we find along the way. It could be easy to choose Jason Isbell, Chris Stapleton, The Lone Bellow, Kacey Musgraves and a number of others as our choice (all those were considered and received votes), but when it came to narrowing it down, all involved agreed 2015 saw The Mulligan Brothers take that next step forward. Their tours and travels have taken them far and wide – internationally and thousands of miles from their Gulf Coast home.

20151130-SCA_0447Ben Leininger on the evening of Sun. Nov. 29, 2015 at the Bluegill

There was a time when those along the Gulf Coast had ample opportunities to see The Mulligan Brothers, but now they are being shared with the rest of the world and we couldn’t be happier for them. Also, they truly represent their home with class.

The Mulligan Brothers are true and honest to themselves. This honest nature radiates towards their fans: A fan of The Mulligan Brothers is a friend. Their gift for song and outstanding showmanship rings loud and clear, so for these and many more reasons, Ross, Gram, Greg and Ben – The Mulligan Brothers are The Southland Music Line’s 2015 Music Artist of the Year!

covers(Click Above to Purchase Their Music)

 One additional thank you to the guys in The Mulligan Brothers – It has to do with a certain cover song they have always performed with a shout out to me. Yes, Bruce Springsteen’s  “Atlantic City”.  Arguably with Steve Hassenplug from Birmingham, AL and one third of the people from the state of New Jersey, I consider “myself” The Boss’s biggest fan, so those shout outs mean a lot.

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UntitledAdditional Photos of The Mulligan Brothers:
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20151130-SCA_0762Moon Over Bayou on the evening of Sun. Nov. 29, 2015 – The Night of the Mulligan Brothers’ concert at The Bluegill in Spanish Fort, AL. The night and location provided the perfect setting for a show by The Mulligan Brothers.

20151130-SCA_0264A distance view of Mobile, AL from Mobile Bay on Sun. Nov. 29, 2015 –
The Night of the Mulligan Brothers’ concert at The Bluegill

20150412-SCA_6497The Mulligan Brothers at The Magnolia Springs Festival
in Magnolia Springs, AL 2015
Art by Robby Amonett


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  1. And this is why I am bringing the Mulligan Brothers to Ireland in January 2016. In my 12 years of Promotion they are the best sounding band i have heard . Wish Jed Hilly from the Americana Association would open his ears to what they do. They deserve to be at the Festival in Nashville.


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