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Observations For A Better Live Music Experience Part 2: So You Think You Are Part of the Show?

part of show
Attending live music events whether it be a small venue, large concert hall, stadium or festival grounds are meant to be enjoyed. That often contains several means of expression in showing your love for the music.

Not every venue is the same and each draws a variety of crowds. When I attended shows at the legendary CBGB in New York City, they were certainly different than the listening rooms in the village. The same can be said of today’s unlimited supply of different sized music venues representing each genre of music.

One thing all venues, in particular the smaller ones, have in common is that one person – that one man or woman who we have all run across. Yes, you know who I’m talking about…the person who never shuts up.

We have all experienced that person who seems to believe they are part of the show. They speak non-stop throughout the show regardless of the stares bestowed upon him or her. This annoying person makes every attempt to loudly converse with the performers on stage no matter how hard they try to ignore this individual. “That Guy” or “That Woman” talk above the music and rarely understand the meaning of a decent acceptable form of applause.

Most attempts to becalm the disrespectful audience member usually produces few results. We are there to enjoy the show and not be forced to tolerate someone who has demonstrated little respect for others.

Who really still believes calling out “Free Bird” is funny? Does that question even need an answer?

Rudeness isn’t just centered on one person but it can be broadened to include annoying groups that show little regard for those on stage performing.

I once attended a show where an entire group of 30 or more broke into a version of “Happy Birthday” while those performing on stage were forced to pause midway through their song. The word “stunned” comes to mind.

I will never understand why some people come to a show and carry on as if no one else is in the room. Artist Robby Amonett once wanted to write an article about this subject entitled “Shut The **** Up”, a popular saying several devoted music fans have expressed to those loud irritants. One loyal fan went so far to tell a rude, talkative former Chief of Police from an Alabama town those very words or something comparatively similar. She received cheers from everyone at the venue.

Thankfully, more and more live music venues with an emphasis on “listening” are popping up. Listening rooms are becoming popular in several music markets and cities around the country. Also, a number of venues are designating certain shows as sit-down events in a suitable environment without much distraction.

duck2Music unites generations and deserving of respect- Jimmy “Duck” Holmes with (grandson) E.J. Fox

In southern Alabama, there is a live music destination called “The Frog Pond at Blue Moon” that has zero tolerance for disturbing its cherished outdoor events. If you want to talk you can do so outside of the designated listening zone.

It doesn’t mean music can’t be enjoyed beyond certain venues and special shows, but in regard to conduct and being considerate to others, it goes without saying that wherever you choose to enjoy live music, show consideration. Whether its with the thousands at Coachello or a house concert on Mobile Bay, shows can bring lasting memories.

It once again comes down to “respect”. Respect for the musicians, respect for the music venue and respect for those in the audience who are trying to enjoy the show.

WSC 09A beautiful day at The Frog Pond at Blue Moon Farm – where life has real meaning and the music is the star of the show.


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