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Observations For A Better Live Music Experience Part 3: Welcoming Traveling Musicians to Our Home

One of the benefits living in an area with numerous music venues is the good fortune of never being without a variety of places to enjoy live music.

Several areas throughout the country have thriving local music scenes with each location claiming to be more special than the other. That personal pride for a local music scene is priceless and to be commended.

Supporting the local musicians, various music venues and special live events such as festivals are vital for the growth of a market. We never want to forsake our gifted local musicians. They bring so much joy into this world through song.

04Welcoming musicians from out of town builds a special bond between music scenes.

When a promising market is flourishing, other areas of the country take note. That particular market pops up on the radar of several musicians, promoters and those connected in a variety of ways to the music industry.

A once overlooked location is now being reconsidered as a place not to skip when scheduling future tours. Several musicians who had previous unsuccessful responses from an area are willing to reconsider.

A blossoming music scene is something to be cherished. Not every town or city in America can be so lucky to have such promise.

grace15It is important that music fans support the venues consistently bringing great music to area from out of town.

As the recognition develops, musicians reach out to venues to make the needed arrangements to play at a promising scene.

A date is set in motion, the musician or band begins talking up the upcoming show on social media, invites are sent out and the venue promotes the show at every given opportunity. Things look well on their way and all parties involved are excited about the big show……..

Keep in mind that most of these musicians, though very popular back at home, are usually stretching their wings with hopes of broadening their base in a new market.

It’s show time!

An hour before the show with sound check complete, the musicians and venue begin to notice empty seats. Each begin to wonder an array of things – maybe people are stuck in traffic, maybe everyone is just running late or maybe since it’s the weekend, people may have gone to dinner before the show.

As show time approaches, all those involved must face realization. Was their decision to come to this place a good one or not? The band might begin calculating their expenses for travel, the possible U-Haul rental, the cost for rooming, how far in the hole did this particular gig put the band. Sadly, some will wonder how will they break the news to their excited family and friends at home that no one showed up as they had hoped based on what they were being told about some exciting new place.

As the saying goes, “the band plays on”.

I have been to shows where I was only one of three or four people in attendance. This was for a band receiving much acclaim back home. The band went on to perform as if they were performing to a packed house – true musicians and a class act.

Some musicians are willing to come back to an area for a second or third time while never giving up hope on a scene.

miss47When fans welcome musicians from abroad, the scene becomes more valued and appreciated.

Supporting a local music scene is more than just attending the wealth of local talent, but it also means welcoming traveling musicians to the area by attending their shows also.

If an area or region has a large population but can’t pack out three or four music venues on the same night, then one must ask themselves why not? Obviously, there is room for improvement. I know several devoted music fans that are balanced in their support of local music artists and those traveling to their town or city. The best thing we can do is tell others and talk things up about some of these music artists who visit from out of town. It is easy to love local performers but they also travel – how are they treated elsewhere? Do they play to a large crowd or to many empty seats when they visit out of town venues?

travismeadows08Music fans should take every opportunity to take in shows of those traveling into the area – the talent is often amazing.

We can do much as individuals to help promote a local music scene. Music venues can try different things to help build an audience for these traveling musicians too, such as adding them to a popular local performer’s show. In addition, local festivals are an excellent way to broaden the fan base of these music artists from abroad. It’s a win-win for all.

In conclusion, several should be commended at various scenes around the country for their noble efforts to broaden the appeal of music in their areas.

It’s a work in progress and we as fans reap the rewards – the good fortune of experiencing so much incredible music.


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