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“Jimmy Lumpkin and the Revival – A New First”

An Article by Brenda Germany
Photos by Stephen Anderson

The memory of certain “firsts” in life seem to stick with us: first day at a new school, first day of a new job or the first time walking into a meeting room filled with new faces. The common thread in each of these “firsts” is the hope that we will be liked and accepted. If you remember that “pins and needles” feeling, then you have something in common with Jimmy Lumpkin and The Revival’s band members, bassist Garret Hall and drummer, Travis Patch the night they recently took the stage at Jack’s by the Tracks in Pascagoula, Mississippi for the first time. As Jimmy’s husky, soulful southern voice filled the high-ceilinged historic building from front to back with the exhilarating “My Name is Love”, waves of applause echoed back to the stage in warm acceptance. By the time their first set, including, “Every Time I Leave”, “Raven of Jade and “Bones and Ghost” all from their latest CD “Home” had ended, the uncertainty of this new “first” had long disappeared with the audience “mandating” Jack’s by the Tracks owner, Mark Garrison, to invite Jimmy Lumpkin and the Revival back again.

Jimmy, who at a young age found fascination in the glowing tubes of an old Peavey amp as his father played the guitar, and sang Elvis, Johnny Cash, Creedence Clearwater Revival and the Rolling Stones describes himself as an acoustic, folky guy. Born into a musical family in Savannah, GA, with a father who played guitar, uncles who played drums and a mother who encouraged Jimmy’s love of music, his ultimate direction in life was all but charted for him. Although he did not endure the obligatory piano lessons for long, Jimmy’s interest in music truly caught fire when his mother bought him a guitar for his 18th birthday.

It’s possible that Jimmy Lumpkin may not be all together unaccustomed to new firsts in his life. He was the first artist to be signed by Skate Mountain Records owned by Scott Lumpkin, (no relation) and his wife, Kate. Skate Mountain Records produced the band’s most recent CD “Home”, a compilation of 12 tracks written by Lumpkin based on experiences from his life.

When Jimmy traveled from his wooded cabin in Fairhope, AL to record “Home”, he took along three guitars, high hopes and with an open mind flew to Los Angeles. There, recording engineer Noah Slain, found ways to make Jimmy’s unique sound even more authentic. He incorporated a 1939 Hammond organ with Leslie speakers and, in sync with Jimmy’s fondness for analog rather than digital recordings, brought vintage equipment used by Johnny Cash, Patsy Cline and Bob Dylan, into the studio from Nashville. The resulting CD takes the listener from the contagious hope-filled joy of “My Name is Love” to the deep pangs of our most vulnerable emotions in “The Best One.” If the listener senses a touch of gospel choir in the chorus of “Every Time I Leave”, it’s not by accident. Jimmy, who holds a degree in Pastoral Ministry, traveled and wrote songs with a praise and worship band during his college years and explains, “Sometimes the religion still comes out.” His expressively insightful writing ability was evident even in his early years. The poem he wrote in high school, “I Think It Was an Owl” ripened into the introspective lyrics for the track of “Troubled Soul” on the CD. Jimmy looks on these recordings as a part of his mission to lift people’s spirits through music and the opportunity to tell the big story with 12 little stories.

Jimmy defines his music by saying “Songwriting is giving of yourself and figuring out things you are going through. We are living, breathing creatures constantly taking on new light. That’s what I do with music…constantly take on new light.”
Jimmy Lumpkin and The Revival are currently on tour with upcoming shows booked through September.


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