2016: A Year in Review

The Southland Music Line 2016: A Year in Review

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The Southland Music Line wants to thank our readers, friends, associates and fellow music fans for making 2016 such a wonderful year.

Stephen Anderson, Robby Amonett and I appreciate the many good people who help make what we do so enjoyable. 

We have continued to follow several incredible musicians and have attended shows at some of the best venues that devote considerable attention towards the music. As Michael Shaffer of The Julep Room in Ocean Springs, MS regularly says “It’s all about the music.” The Southland Music Line has neither an interest in marketing ourselves as a brand name nor being involved in anything outside the realm of promoting great music. We simply do what we do because of a lifelong love for something so special.

wsc08Dew Drop Jazz and Social Hall in Mandeville, LA – sight of one the year’s best shows according to photographer Stephen “Andy” Anderson. See more photos at The Southland Music Line 2016: A Photo Retrospective  (a “Best of 2016” collection by Stephen Anderson.)

For us at The Southland Music Line, it was a joy seeing several articles on a wide range of topics come to light throughout the year including the articles on Jericho Road Show, South By Southwest, Escondido, Willie Sugarcapps, Baldwin County Public Records’ Songwriters Showcase, the Bogalusa Blues & Heritage Festival, Oh Jeremiah, Darcy Malone & the Tangle, Desert Trip, The Listening Room, Kristin Diable, Lilly Winwood, Lisa Mills (The Line’s 2016 Music Artist of the Year) and more. Our most read article of the year was based on the appreciation for The Frog Pond at Blue Moon Farm, which was a group effort and commented on by a few dozen fans and friends of The Frog Pond. We thank everyone who kindly contributed or expressed interest.Two of this year’s articles were also written by contributing writers: “Coconut Moonshine: Remembering Mr. Jim” by soon to be published author Cindy Thamert and “Herman Hermit’s Peter Noone: 50 Years Later – A School Crush Revisited” by Leslie Wright Mulcahy. We look forward to reading more from these two very talented writers.

Again, we want to thank everyone and of course, we are looking forward to sharing lots of remarkable music with you in 2017.

20160111-SCA_7917Kristin Diable at Callaghan’s Irish Social Club in Mobile, AL. This January show helped kick 2016 off to a spectacular start.

 The Year in Review is divided into a few articles. Following the above general review, three separate articles detail the year by The Southland Music Line’s three guys who got this whole thing started:
Johnny Cole (writer/travelin’ man)
Stephen “Andy” Anderson (photographer)
Robby Amonett (artist).
The review continues with a retrospective of 2016 photos by Stephen Anderson, a page dedicated to our favorite albums and shows of 2016, an article highlighting our “Music Artist of the Year” (published in the first week of December) and finally a results page of this year’s “Readers’ Choice Awards”.

WSC-07“Willie Sugarcapps at The Frog Pond at Blue Moon Farm”  A painting by Robby Amonett.  Willie Sugarcapps was voted as 2016’s Music Artist of the Year by the readers of The Southland Music Line in the Readers’ Choice Awards.

The Southland Music Line: January – December, 2016:

January: The Mulligan Brothers; February: Kristin Diable;
March: The Jericho Road Show April: Escondido at SXSW;
May: Corky Hughes of Willie Sugarcapps; June: Summer of Music
July: Seth Walker; August: Sugarcane Jane;
September: Travis Meadows at The Listening Room
October: Cathe Steele at The Frog Pond at Blue Moon Farm
November: Stephen Anderson Photography; December: Lisa Mills
Spotlight Music of the Month 2016 Archive:

January: “National Treasure” by Anthony Crawford; “Single Mama” by Lauren Kay
February: “Walking with a Stranger” by Escondido
March: “The Ghosts of Highway 20” by Lucinda Williams
April: “Reskinned” by Larkin Poe
May: “Paradise Right Here” by Willie Sugarcapps
June: “Miss Alabama” by Cary Laine”; “Fort Worth to Bakersfield” by Steve Griggs; “Enjoy the Ride: Shoals Sessions” by Debbie Bond; “White Trash Lipstick” by Abe Partridge
July: “Fall Together” by Ryan Balthrop
August: “Midwest Summer’s Daughter” by Margo Price
September: “The Other End of Passing Time” by Oh Jeremiah
October: “Still Life” by Darcy Malone & The Tangle
November: “Gotta Get Back” by Seth Walker; “Behind this Guitar” by Mo Pitney; “We All the Light” by River Whyless; “I’m Glad Trouble Don’t Last Always” by Luke Winslow-King
December: “Welcome to The Variety Show” by Joey Cook & The Partyraddlers


Music Fan of the Month 2016 Archive:

January: Phyllis Duncan (Silverhill, AL)
February: Ron Southward & Neil Dancer (Tallahasee, FL)
March: David Minkler (Mississippi Gulf Coast)
April: Jay Everett (Alabama);
May: Cindy Sibley (Ocean Springs, MS);
June: Cindy McNeil (Daphne, AL)
July: William Norville Harrison (Mobile, AL)
August: Brenda Stabler Morley (Mobile, AL)
September: Linda Simmons Shelby (Pensacola, FL)
October: Brenda Parsley Germany (Pascagoula, MS)
November: Mona Merritt (Mobile, AL)
December: Julie Pittman (Fairhope, AL)



© The Southland Music Line. 2017. All rights reserved

©The Southland Music Line

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