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The Southland Music Line 2018 – A Year in Review

2018 marks The Southland Music Line’s 5th year of celebrating great music. When Stephen “Andy” Anderson, Robby Amonett and I decided to begin “The Line” in 2013, we set out to share our love of music with others and it has truly been an enjoyable experience.

Over the past twelve months, we have continued our ongoing pilgrimage in search of more great music. Throughout the year, we have received assistance from a number of dear friends including Cindy Thamert and Brenda Germany for editing several articles. During the summer months, Brenda also began to regularly contribute articles to “The Line” and by autumn became an official staff writer. Her music themed articles about Delta Smoke, Jimmy Lumpkin & the Revival, photographer Bill Daniel, bluesman Bill Abel, Serabee, and Mississippi Shakedown were all well received.

Robby Amonett has become one of the most well-known artists across the South and has dedicated his talent to capturing hundreds of live music performances. This year was no different, as he could be seen doing so in venues and music events across the region. During the summer, he would also head west to paint the festivities at the Ranch Del Rio Saturday Socials in the picturesque Rocky Mountains of Colorado.

Stephen “Andy” Anderson also had another memorable year. There is no denying how busy Andy stays photographing and editing an untold amount of photographs. Some of the shows and events photographed in 2018: Sun Radio Sessions at South By Southwest in Austin, Darcy Malone & the Tangle’s opening spot for Beck on the Acura Stage (and backstage) at the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival, Piney Woods Picnic near Hattiesburg (MS), The Bogalusa Blues & Heritage Festival, The Mississippi Songwriters Festival and Willie Sugarcapps’ memorable show at Eddie’s Attic in Decatur (GA). A couple more highlights were his honor of photographing Paw Paw’s Medicine Cabinet’s recording sessions at the world famous Studio in the Country (near Bogalusa, LA) and capturing some cool photos of The Wailers in an exclusive live photo shoot in connection with Swamp Hippie – Gulf Coast (Thank you, James Kennedy). These are just a sample of what he had the privilege of doing in 2018. For the complete list of photo collections see the link following article.

Without going into great detail, my year has had me, once again, traveling thousands of international miles following music (i.e., Jeff Lynne’s ELO tour, The Rolling Stones in the UK, Paul Simon at The Hollywood Bowl, and more). As part of The Southland Music Line, I was able to write a nice share of articles, too, including ones about Willie Sugarcapps at Eddie’s Attic, The Mississippi Songwriters Festival, a review of Sugarcane Jane’s latest album, an update on The Listening Room of Mobile, the rising star Abe Partridge and others.

Recently, Brenda Germany and I joined our thoughts to write an article about this year’s Bogalusa Blues & Heritage Festival. This was The Line’s 5th straight year of covering the event. Of course, as previously mentioned, Andy’s photos accompanied the article.

Our mission remains the same as it did in 2013 – dedicating time to promote a shared love of music. We look forward to continuing our adventure and appreciate all our readers. Hopefully, 2019 will be another rewarding year of outstanding music and memorable times.

Abe Partridge on the streets of Mobile, AL (Photo by Stephen Anderson) Partridge was named 2018’s Music Artist of the Year by the staff at The Southland Music Line.
Click Here for the article: “Abe Partridge – 2018 Music Artist of the Year”

☆ Readers Choice Awards:
Music Artist of the Year – Sugarcane Jane
Album of the Year – “Southern State of Mind” by Sugarcane Jane

Favorite (Indoor) Venue – Callaghan’s Irish Social Club in Mobile, AL
Favorite (Outdoor) Venue – The Frog Pond at Blue Moon Farm in Silverhill, AL

A record setting number of votes were received for the annual Readers’ Choice Awards. Sugarcane Jane was named Music Artist of the Year and their album “Southern State of Mind” received the most votes for favorite album in 2018. Several other music artists and albums received votes too.

☆ Our Favorite Albums of 2018:
Johnny Cole (writer & editor at The Line) –
* 1. It’s Not Like You Don’t Know Me – Eric Erdman
* 1. Warning Bells – Escondido (tied)

3. Golden Hour – Kacey Musgraves
4. Southern State of Mind – Sugarcane Jane
5. Springsteen on Broadway – Bruce Springsteen
6. Cotton Fields and Blood for Days – Abe Partridge
7. By the Way I Forgive You – Brandi Carlile
8. Bare and Fully Dressed – Melissa Summersell
9. Coyote – John Calvin Abney
10. Songs for the Living and Otherwise – The Mulligan Brothers
Click Here for his complete list of favorite albums of 2018

*Johnny Cole’s Ten Favorite Singles/Album Tracks of 2018:
1) “Broken Heart Mender” – Anthony Crawford,  2) “Bleed Me Dry” – Darcy Malone & The Tangle, 3) “Be Me” – Joshua Stephen Ward, 4) “The One Before Me” – Sugarcane Jane, 5) “The Well” – Eric Erdman, 6) “Nobody” – Mitski, 7) “High Horse” – Kacey Musgraves, 8) “It’s Not Like You Don’t Know Me” – Eric Erdman, 9) “Forever (To June This Morning)” – Ruston Kelly & Kacey Musgraves, 10) “Space Cowboy” – Kacey Musgraves

Stephen “Andy” Anderson (Photographer at The Line) –
1. Golden Hour – Kacey Musgraves
2. Providence Canyon – Brent Cobb
3. The Tree of Forgiveness – John Prine
4. Other Arrangements – Parker Millsap
5. By the Way I Forgive You – Brandi Carlile
6. Years – Sarah Shook & The Disarmers
7. Dark Horse – Devin Dawson
8. Lonesome as a Shadow – Charlie Crockett
9. Benton County Relic – Cedric Burnside
10. Tell Me How You Really Feel – Courtney Barnett

Robby Amonett (artist & staff writer at The Line) –
(In No Particular Order)
* Cotton Fields and Blood for Days – Abe Partridge
* Crushed Coins – Caleb Caudle
* Lonesome as a Shadow – Charlie Crockett
* Mr. Jukebox – Josh Hedley
* Passwords – Dawes
* The Sciences – Sleep
* Songs of the Plains – Colter Wall
* Tell Me How You Really Feel – Courtney Barnett
* Tenkiller – Marie/Lepanto
* Used Future – The Sword
* Window Flowers – Liz Cooper & the Stampede

Brenda Germany (staff writer) –
1. It’s Not Like You Don’t Know Me – Eric Erdman
2. Cotton Fields and Blood for Days – Abe Partridge
3. Songs on Faith, Hope & Love – Sugarcane Jane
4. Sanctuary “Live at Hippie Jack’s” – Blue Mother Tupelo
5. Arden’s Garden – John Milham
6. Providence Canyon – Brent Cobb
7. Golden Hour – Kacey Musgraves
8. Last Man Standing – Willie Nelson
9. Other Arrangements – Parker Millsap
10. God’s Favorite Customer – Father John Misty

Kacey Musgraves at the Fuji Rock Festival at Naeba Ski Resort in Yuzawa, Niigata Prefecture (Japan) following a heavy downpour. Musgraves’ album “Golden Hour” made three of the staff’s Top Ten lists. Abe Partridge’s “Cotton Fields and Blood for Days” also made three lists. (Photo by Johnny Cole)

☆ The covers to appear at “The Line” in 2018:

☆ The shows attended by The Line’s Johnny Cole in 2018:
Click Here for Johnny Cole’s complete list of shows in 2018.
Click Here for Johnny Cole’s favorite shows of 2018.

☆ The photos to appear at “The Line” in 2018:
Click Here for photos by Stephen “Andy” Anderson in 2018
(see link below for highlights)

(Click above for some photo highlights from 2018)

 ☆ Spotlight Music of the Month in 2018:
> Jan. – “Ruins” – First Aid Kit
> Feb. – “By the Way, I Forgive You” – Brandi Carlile; ‘Make Way for Love” – Marlon Williams
> Mar. – “It’s Not Like You Don’t Know Me” – Eric Erdman
> Apr. – “Cotton Fields and Blood for Days” – Abe Partridge
> May – “Becoming” – Joshua Stephen Ward (2018); “Ebb & Flow” – Laurie Anne Armour (2017); “Equilibrium of Contradiction” – Madison Grace (2017); “Sanctuary” – Blue Mother Tupelo
> June – “God’s Favorite Customer” – Father John Misty
> July – “Tell Me How You Really Feel” – Courtney Barnett
> Aug. – “Songs for the Living and Otherwise” – The Mulligan Brothers
> Sept. – “Warning Bells” – Escondido
> Oct. – “Southern State of Mind” – Sugarcane Jane
> Nov. – “Venom & Faith” – Larkin Poe
> Dec. – “Bare & Fully Dressed” – Melissa Summersell
Click Here to visit our Music Spotlight of the Month Archives.

2018 Readers’ Choice Award winner for Favorite (Indoor) Venue: Callaghan’s Irish Social Club in Mobile, AL

☆ Music Fans of the Month in 2018:
> Jan. – Patrick & Callie Murphy (MS)
> Feb. – Leon & A C. Leggett (AL)
> Mar. – James & Sarah Kennedy (MS)
> Apr. – Steve Mineo (MS)
> May – Steven Dale (MS)
> June – Keith & Yedda Trawick (WA)
> July – Billy & Connie Gibbs (MS)
> Aug. – Michael Erlacher (AL)
> Sept. – Doug Gangawere (AL)
> Oct. – Ruth Spicer (FL)
> Nov. – Mark & Beth Allen (MS)
> Dec. – Tim & Tammy Grace (AL)
Click Here for review of all Music Fans of the Month in 2018.

2018 Readers’ Choice Award winner for Favorite (Outdoor) Venue: The Frog Pond at Blue Moon Farm in Silverhill, AL

☆ The articles to appear at “The Line” in 2018:

☆ Acknowledgements:

We want to thank all the many musicians, songwriters, fellow music fans, readers, social media friends and music industry folks that helped to make this past year rewarding.

Personally, I want to thank Stephen (Andy) and Robby for their years of friendship and contributions to what we “dreamed up” over five years ago at Ben Kaufman’s Irish Coast Pub and Jack’s by the Tracks. I also want to thank Cindy Thamert for her assistance at “The Line” and Brenda Germany for all her hard work and contributions to what we do.


© The Southland Music Line. 2019. All rights reserved

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